Apr 17

Parcel Lockers – Your Parcels Now In a Safe Custody

When you buy goods online how eagerly we await its arrival to our doorsteps calculating each and every day that the merchant had prescribed at the time of purchasing the goods. What if the parcel arrives and there is no one to receive it?

The delivery boy could either leave it at the doorsteps or give it to the neighbors so that once you are back home, you can collect your parcel. This sometimes proves to be quite risky. To avoid such situations the parcel is taken back to the office. There are parcels that require the signature of the concerned person extending the time taken to reach to its owner. This lead to the invention of parcel lockers.

What is a parcel locker?

So what exactly is parcel locker? A parcel locker is a small compartment or a cupboard with a lock that is used to store parcels. One of the convenient ways to take the products to the owner. You get to buy Parcel lockers as well as other types of lockers at Shelving Store – one of the leading storage solutions stores.

What good does parcel lockers have in store for the customers?

It is one of the best inventions for all those people who live in cities and have a fixed job timings, leaving no time to collect their parcels which is deemed to be delivered during their working hours.

Parcel lockers are one of the smartest and most convenient inventions that made it easy for all those people who have a fixed work timing, losing out on the opportunity to collect parcels as soon as it arrives. Such lockers have made the delivery and collection of parcels quite easy and efficient.

It saves time and energy for both the customers as well as the agency that delivers the parcel. The time taken to deliver the parcel and bring it back if the owner is not available and hold on to the responsibility for as long as the owner comes back and takes the parcel is sometimes really cumbersome in nature. When you install lockers you save up on labor as well as time. Moreover, you could also be sure that the parcel will be delivered to the respective person.

When the parcel arrives the owner gets a notification about the parcel which he gets to collect at his convenience. This makes it easy for both the merchant as well as the customer to deal in products that come with a delivery date. Making it one of the most useful inventions of all time.

Final Note:

The invention of parcel lockers have made it quite convenient and adorable for all those people who find it difficult to take out time and go to a store for buying goods or sometimes remain absent when the parcel is being delivered to their doorstep. Merchants get to purchase wholesale lockers to satisfy their storage solution needs. You will find a wide range of lockers at Shelving store – an online store that makes the buying and selling of storage lockers with just a few clicks. Parcel lockers are soon seeing acceptance in a world where time is money, where the owner need not worry about a parcel being returned.

Jan 17

A Splash of Considerations For The Perfect Waterpark Lockers!

A splash of water is all that it takes to wipe away all the sweat and the scorching sun that had been mercilessly been showering on you. Water parks are flooded with people who are expecting some relief from the scorching heat as well as a break from their day to day activities. There is constant splitter and splatter of water with people all drenched in the water ready to embrace the coolness that the water has in store for them. With people, we have their personal things that need a security as far as their presence is administered in the area. The accumulation of things always makes way for a storage system that can give a place as well as security to all the piling things. Yes, storage lockers have indeed been a boon to the society and this has encouraged the implementation of lockers that are here to provide the right amount of security to the belongings of the people who are all here to enjoy the coolness of the water. It is not only about a water park, a storage locker shop has school locker, staff locker and various other locker that perfectly store away the things.

Let us look at the things that need to be considered before buying the perfect waterpark lockers.

Size and Space:

A water park is a huge place with rides, places for activities and places that very well administrates the huge crowd that sometimes walks in keeping away all the worries behind them to just enjoy and have fun. It becomes important to assign a place for the lockers that ensures the safety of all the personal belongings of the people. Hence before buying a locker it becomes important to take into consideration the place where the lockers would be kept as that will help in deciding the size and the type of material that would perfectly fit the space that has been assigned.

Do you want to accessorize it?

Lockers come with accessories like the side stands, stackable organizers, magnetic storage boxes, hanging lockers organizers and the list would go on. Make sure to choose the right accessories for your lockers that will aptly utilize the available space.

What type?

Lockers come in different materials like plastic, steel, metal and wood. Each of them carries their baggage of advantages and disadvantages. Make sure to take into consideration all of these factors before making your purchases.

Ventilation to the rescue:

Select lockers that come with a good ventilation so that the things kept inside it do not lose their property and this to a large extent helps in extending the longevity of both the locker as well as the things kept inside it.

Cost of things:

Last, but not the least, the cost of all the things should also be considered and taken into account as they are the deciding factor as to which type of locker should be purchased. With quality comes price and when you are investing in a locker it is a one-time investment that is sure to provide you a lasting result where the quality and the maintenance plays a major role.


A storage locker shop has a variety of lockers that very well accommodates the needs and requirements of the customers with staff locker, school locker, bank locker and many such lockers for sale. Make a note of things that needs to be adhered to for making the right waterpark storage locker purchase.

Dec 16

The Journey of a Storage Locker !

A steel body, 72″height, 12″width , 20″ dimension – This is the best way in which I can describe myself. You have absolutely guessed it correctly ! I am a storage locker and my main duty is to provide space to all the things so as to make them feel protected. I have many brothers and sisters out in the market as lockers for storage, who are all distributed at the required places quite efficiently. I come in different shapes and styles, all ready to accumulate your belongings, giving you a good space and surrounding.

Whether it is to store your clothes, utensils, day to day utilities, books, electronic items I am more than happy to provide you the required space. All these things find solace in my abode. I am more than happy to contribute in keeping the surrounding clean and clutter free. I am found in schools, offices, home, library, gym and many such places where there are legions of things that requires to be arranged in order to provide a clutter free environment.

High quality lockers for storage is of utmost importance when it comes to having a space for storing away the day to day utilities.


Let me take you through the journey of a storage locker that lives in a school. A school is a place where you can find children who are a powerhouse of energy. They have a lot of books and things that needs to be carried around giving them knowledge and some life experiences. One of the life lessons that they need to learn is how to maintain things in lockers for storage.

There are times when they throw away their books into me. There are some students who ardently clean up the things that they store in me and there are some students who just don’t bother whether I am cluttered up with things or not. There are times when I am poorly handled that causes scratches and dent on me due to careless handling and I remain in such a stature for days until the school management finds the need to get me repaired.

Everyone loves to be decorated and adorned with accessories that makes them stand out with a personality of their own. Even I like it when students take efforts in decorating me with fancy things and accessories that makes me stand out in the crowd. Mornings are begun by the students slowly coming in with the whole day in front of them awaiting their presence. As soon the bell rings I find the footsteps all nearing towards me, the quickly opening of my door, taking out the required material and banging the doors – when they are in a hurry to get to their respective classes.

I also witness a lot of gossips that are promised not to be told to anyone. From pens to books to even biscuits and other eatables, photos, mirrors, wall hangings and many such things could be found under my shelter. The day ends at 6 pm, where the students are all gleaming with joy to return back home leaving their burden in my abode. I slowly progress towards a silence that suddenly has engulfed the entire school building. I wait quite patiently for the day, to begin with the slowly increasing footsteps that again takes me through the entire day’s journey.

Oct 16

The Preeminence of Organic Polymer Lockers

The biodegradable material has given a platform to a number of materials that has made an important place in the daily activities of our lives. With the advent of technology, we can witness the popularity of organic polymers, which is known as plastic in a layman’s language, gearing up the race of being the number one material used in the production process.

Variety often ignites the desire to choose the best or the most relevant ones. We have a variety of materials that are being used to make lockers.


Metal lockers, wood lockers, electronic lockers, plastic lockers and so on are some of the variety that we can witness in storage lockers. Sometimes we have to make the right choice keeping in mind certain criteria. Often the selection of material depends on criteria such as the place, people, durability and various other factors. Most of the population prefer plastic products for its undeniable advantages.

When we talk about the characteristics of the plastic we have a long list to be adhered to. Let us have a look at some of the highlighting features of plastic lockers uk that have paved its way gained a slow and steady dominance in the market.

Scratch, Bang and Dent proof:

The quality of being scratch proof and dent proof often strings in hope for the lifespan of the product. Due to its texture, it can withstand the harsh handling of its exteriors that remains unaffected by the pressure and rough usage. Now you can get less irritated with the banging and dashing of the doors as it is bang proof in nature as it is more than half percent impact resistant.

A piece of cake:

As it is light in weight it becomes easy to maintain and helps in the maintenance of the lockers. It is also devoid of periodic painting as it can sustain the odds and yet maintain its charm. It is quite economical in nature, due to its easy maintenance cost.

Malleable in nature:

Gives an elegant look to the surrounding that helps in enhancing the decor. A humid climate very well benefits from the usage of lockers that are made from plastic, as it does not get easily corroded, with its vibrancy remaining intact throughout the year. It can easily dodge harsh chemicals, to maintain the coats of the locker. Humidity creates a lot of moisture in the atmosphere as this often results in a reaction with the material. As plastics are organic polymers they do not produce any reaction with the water particles, avoiding corrosion and hence this helps in the adaptability of the material in any place. It is germ-free and does not acquire much of germs, thus giving a neat and elegant appearance.

An example of Durability and Security:

It cannot be easily broken and can withstand the weight of any object, be it rough or unmanageable in nature. The battle of safety can be won by plastic lockers that come with a guarantee of providing round the clock security to the materials.

Jul 16

Five Things to Preserve in a Wire Mesh Locker


Buy lockers that are the wire mesh, fitted for commercial or industrial use, can preserve machinery, sports tools, constructing gear, worksite items and sales inventory.

Accessible in a big range of sizes, the wire mesh storing lockers offer a strong and the secure solution for trades and private people alike. Wire mesh lockers are a modern replacement to the cabinets and the metal units for the below reasons:

  • They allow appropriate air ventilate

  • Offer perceptibility that may avoid shoplifting or employee theft

  • Provide durable all-over safeguarding against the damage to contents

Avoid Damage and Theft of Machinery:

Mechanical tools like the chainsaws or the drills and other usual household equipment are conventionally stored in the garage. Whilst the garage is a feasible location, these types of equipment can simply clutter the capacity and hinder availability in or out. Worst yet, if not appropriately saved they pose an urgent threat to animals and children. With the incorporation of a wire mesh locker not only you can avoid the accidents from occurring but you can also feel sure that your tools will be secured from theft. The Wire Mesh Locker can execute this task with much simplicity. The heavy duty wire mesh permits all-around perceptibility and the appropriate ventilation that combats the growth of mold and corrosion. For extra safeguarding this wire mesh locker has a three-point hasp and staple locking methodology.

Sports Persons Will Celebrate in the Protection:

Apart from domestic equipment and lawn tools, sport tools are other popular material to preserve in wire mesh lockers in the uk because of its wear endurance and all around. Tennis rackets and balls of every shape and size can instantly be managed with use of interior shelves and hooks.

Construction Garments Stays Organized:

Wire mesh lockers are pretty repeatedly found on constructing sites because of their adjusting sizes and solid frames. The petite woven wire mesh endures the conventional wear and tear found with the other types of storage units. Hard hats, work boots and fluorescent vests can be hung on hooks or folded and put on the ground. What’s more, they’re simply constructible and the items stay visible at all times that makes it a light for management to record of materials or supervise theft. Other worksite constructing materials like signs and cones are also properly sized to suit in wire mesh lockers.

Organize Sales Inventory Utilizing a Wire Mesh Locker:

The last category of material that is proper to preserve in a wire mesh lock is sales inventory. This really arrives in handy to preserve supplies and left over inventories as they can be secured but still offer perceptibility of the contents. A person could easily restore a product from proper locker without first requiring opening it. All things regarded, this method saves time plus energy.

The 5 aforementioned items are all appropriate items to preserve in a wire mesh locker. Shelvingstore.co.uk has reliable features to befriend almost any budget to purchase lockers online.

Jun 15

How lockers are advantageous in different places for storage purpose?

There are a lot of people who tend to owe loads of things. Regrettably, they aren’t aware as to where they can safely keep all their possessions. So, a locker is an individual’s own space to store belongings. It is defined a place where nobody else could access and you can have a peace of mind after putting your valuables stuff in there.

These storage units are the best solutions for safety related issues. There is a wide variety of storage cabinets available in the market where you can put your individual, private, expensive or treasured materials. The different material used to build these storage cabinets plastic, metal, wire mesh, steel and more, depending upon the usage and security of an individual.

If you are looking to purchase a storage unit, it is prudent to make a checklist before you buy Best Lockers online in Uk . Explore the huge suite available on the internet, select the one which can fulfill your requirements at the same is cost-effective and offers free delivery.

The places where lockers are useful for storing your things:

The trend of lockers has been around for decades now, serving many with their storing needs. Choose the appropriate one that safeguards your possessions. Moreover, in this era everyone wishes to improvise their storage practice to live an uncluttered life, anywhere they move.

Schools & Colleges: From your uniform, clothing, sports equipment, books, apparatus to food items everything needs an appropriate storage when you are in school. Thus keeping this in mind look for a significant school locker that can fulfill all your requirements’ on the move.

School Lockers

Workplace & Offices: A storage Shelving is a fantastic solution within the office environs so that employees have a specified place to store their valuables. This not only prevents from mislaying personal items, but it protects you as an employer from any account abilities incurred due to the stealing.

Hospitals: In a place like hospitals where uniforms have to be collected, cleaned, then handed over to their owners shelving cabinet are made use of. This rack includes a number of the very narrow compartment, each of whose doors are under lock and key. Medicines and surgical items are also stacked over these racks for storing them and using them as and when required.

Home: For a utilitarian place like home, a locker is a resourceful way to organize and maintain a lot of things. Whether it’s a common object or valuable which you wish to keep home shelving cabinets and lockers are very important.

Factories & Industries: Storage plays a vital role for any business. Depending upon the diverse business and type of goods the requirement of storing racks arises. Every unit functions in a different way based on the types of goods you store. For example, freezing units are precisely designed to preserve edible and chemical products. Whereas packaging unit includes stuff like wrap sheets, seals, boxes etc which requires ultimate protection.

Thus, there are various places where the utility of shelving racks and storage cabinets vary. However, your anxiety for safety ends here with locker solutions available in large diversities and wide-ranging benefits. Locker companies provide online service i.e. purchasing from the comfort of your cozy couch at home. Different categories are exhibited on their websites from which you have to make your choice. You will get the delivery soon at your doors free of cost.

Jan 15

Get safety lockers for preserving your valuables in the best manner

When it comes to our homes, we often take the help of advanced security systems to protect ourselves and our family members from incidents of burglary and theft. In a similar way, we also need to take appropriate steps to ensure that our priced possessions are protected from harm’s way. A good way to do that would be to invest in high quality safety lockers. Various manufacturers all over the world specialize in developing storage facilities that come with different types of locking systems.

Lockers generally come in rectangular or square shapes in a variety of attractive colors. The materials that can be used to construct them can include plastic, metal, wood or laminated components. The locking methods that are employed in these storage devices can be the traditional key hole or a padlocking system. If it is a padlocking system, it can be comprised of a standard hasp and staple. On the other hand, when it comes to a keyhole locking system, you can choose between cam holes, flush locks or locks that are fitted into the rotating handle. There can also be advanced biometric locks that make use of fingerprints and retinal scanning.

Bio Metric Lock

Bio Metric Lock

Lockers are of extreme importance when it comes to the preservation of your necessary belongings. They not only allow you to keep your precious objects such as jewellery, consumer goods, money, or important documentations in an organized manner away from the easy reach of thieves, but also let you keep your home space neat and ordered. Besides, these storing compartments also come in handy when you are trying to keep certain things away from your children. However, lockers are not just vital for domestic households; they also serve important functions in public places as well. You will find lockers being used in schools, colleges, libraries, gyms, health clubs, parks, museums and train stations.


Lockers for School

Lockers for School

As the technology used for developing safety lockers have changed over time, they are now available in diverse models all across the world. The models not only differ in their size, shape and color, but are also made for carrying out specific purposes as well. For example, lockers that are to be used in water parks and swimming clubs need to be rust-proof as people will keep their wet clothing items all the time in these storage devices. They can also be used as storage for special items of importance as well.

Lockers in Different Size

Lockers in Different Size

At present, there are numerous companies that can provide you with high quality locker devices. Whatever be your need, you will have a range of options to choose from depending on your budget and preferences. Before you actually make your purchase, it is advisable that you go through the different types of lockers and their companies from online resources. Always buy your products from a reputable firm like Shelvingstore.co.uk as they can ensure you high quality products. If you want to know more about different types of safety locker devices, then do not hesitate to visit my site as you will find plenty of information there.

Aug 14

Benefits of Plastic Lockers and Wire Mesh Lockers

There are a lot of considerations to make while you are choosing your locker. There are many people out there, who believe that they are not really required to put too much thought while purchasing a locker. However, that’s far from being correct. A locker represents a personal storage space which performs the crucial function of protecting its contents from theft or misplacement. So, there is no choice but to choose it wisely, after considering several factors.

Different people are driven by different storage preferences. While some might be very particular about the brand of lockers, others have a particular color choices. However, the more important factors to consider would be the size of the locker you want (single tier or double tier) and the place you are planning to set it up. For instance, if you are looking forward to using your locker where there is moisture, then you should not opt for steel lockers as they would rust. Plastic Lockers, for instance, are more suitable for these areas. Similarly, buyers may also choose from new and used lockers. The used lockers, needless to mention, would definitely come cheaper than the new ones. However, the buyer has to ensure that the used locker has been properly refurbished and is in good working condition. You can even change the color of the product by getting it painted electrostatically.

Along with the Plastic Lockers, the Wire Mesh Lockers have gained much prominence in recent times. Both of them offer certain obvious advantages over the traditional steel lockers and as such have experienced a steep surge in demand. Read on to find out more about them.

The Plastic Lockers come with a range of benefits which others can hardly accommodate at one go. However, it’s better to clarify from the very beginning that the “plastic” does not render these lockers weak. They are backed by high density and hard wearing polyethylene. Additional strength is ensured by rotational molding. They are suitable for domestic, school and corporate environments, owing to their incredible strength and appealing designs. Most importantly, they do not rot like wood or rust like steel. So you can probably keep them in areas experiencing high moisture or heat. They come with built in drainage hotels and, as such, scale your hygiene needs with ease. You can simply hose out all the dirt with a pressure washer.

Ultrabox Water Resistant Plastic Lockers

Ultrabox Water Resistant Plastic Lockers

The Wire Mesh Lockers offer similar facilities as their plastic counterparts as well. They are preferred over the regular wood or solid grade laminate lockers, owing to their ventilation properties. The design (wire mesh) of this cupboard allows you to view what is stored in them. The storage contents receive proper air circulation. They are highly valued in the industrial sector, especially the construction and the food sectors.

Ultrabox Plus - Waterproof Plastic Lockers

Ultrabox Plus – Waterproof Plastic Lockers

Now that you know how the leading storage options work, you need to ensure that you are exercising due sagacity while choosing the Lockers Store. There is no dearth of manufacturers offering Lockers. However, make sure that you are conducting due research on their background. What is their experience in their field? What do customers have to say about them? Are they cost effective? Would you be able to strike the right chord between price and quality? Just consider these few points before investing in a locked storage compartment and you are sorted. If needed, make a checklist of these points before purchasing a product. You can avail a lot of information about them online.

Jul 14

Benefits Of Using Waterproof Plastic Lockers

Having a safe storage system is important whether at home, office or school. Usually when we plan to invest in storage compartment we not just want to ensure that it provides enough security and has enhanced storage facility but also if it is resistant to damage. Water resistant plastic lockers fulfill all our demand. They are not just attractive but extremely strong and versatile as well. They can be used in schools, homes, offices, and industries.

 Waterproof plastic lockers come in a variety of size and standards. You can buy one with low height or extra depth or width. When you hear about plastic many questions might arise in your mind like what are the benefits of using these storage system and why do I invest my money here? How can plastic provide enough security and many more?

 These storage systems provide exceptional security. The locker doors are manufactured using high quality polyethylene to make sure that no one can break it open. Moreover the hinges used to connect the door of the cabinet can withstand huge pressure enhancing the longevity of the storage system. These storage facilities come with a variety of locking system and you can choose one depending on your convenience and what you are planning to use it for.

Cleaning this storage is also easy. Since these lockers are resistant to water you can just use a high-pressure hose to wash it and then leave it to dry on its own. If you do not wish to wash it then just wipe using wet cloth and the job is done. Using waterproof plastic also make these storage compartment resistant to rust. So if the cupboard is lying wet overnight or for a whole day, no need to worry because water will not damage it.

 If you are looking for storage compartments to be installed in public places like gym or swimming clubs then hygiene is one thing that you will look for because it will be used on sharing basis. Normally in clubs and gym, people use cupboards to keep their clothes, which can bring in germs. You can clean these plastic storage systems with any kind of disinfectant. Metal cupboards can get rust when exposed to moisture. To prevent rust regular painting is essential. Plastic storage system has no such issues. They do not need periodic repainting and thus you can save money on maintenance.

Ultrabox Plus Waterproof Lockers

Plastic cupboards are rust and dent proof and these two qualities make them highly durable. Installing the lockers is also very easy. If space is an issue then you can place them anywhere outdoor and it can sustain any type of climate whether rain, frost, snow, or sunrays.

There are many lockers stores and you can buy a storage system online or directly by visiting the local store. Buying online saves a lot of time but you must always do some research before investing. Buying from a renowned store will ensure quality which is necessary to add value to your investment. Before buying you must also think what you need the storage compartment for and where you wish to install it. This will make the selecting task easy. Few online stores also provide some extra benefit to their customer and they can be in form of discounts, free delivery or free installation. You can also check about these benefits before purchasing. If you are confused looking at the variety and not able to select one then do not hesitate to contact the company for further details and help. You can either call them or email them for details. You can get more details from here.

Jun 14

Value Lockers And Guide To Help You Select Right One

Today storage unit is not just needed to keep things in an organized manner but they are also essential for safety of belongings. You will find different types of storage system which includes school lockers, cloakroom, shelving etc. Most of the lockers are available in different types and size, with different security system. You can buy storage compartment with coin or token locking system or one which works on mechanical or electronic combination.

Selecting the right storage unit is important and here are some tips to help you.

  1. Firstly decide on the kind of belongings you are planning to keep in the storage unit and then think about the size taking into consideration your future needs. If you are planning to keep clothes then surely you will be shopping for more and then need more space. You must also see the climatic condition of the place you live in. If you live in a cold place then you need space to keep your jackets, pullovers etc.

  1. Once you are sure about the size you need, check that you have the space in your house. Small lockers need lesser space when compared to the bigger ones. Thus, when deciding on the size you must keep the space for installing it into consideration. For example, If the width of the area is lesser than the height then select storage unit that is narrow but has enough height with more compartments.

  1. You can also look for lockers online. There are many manufacturers having online existence. You can visit different locker websites, check their product line and compare the price with the quality and service they provide. You can also ask your friends to suggest you a reliable store for buying storage unit.




Some value lockers that you will find are:

  1. Uniform Lockers are used to keep linens, uniforms and other personal items. These lockers when installed in office provide employees a personal place where they can keep their uniform and other personal belongings and access as and when needed. They come in a variety of colors like silver, black, green, yellow, blue, and red.

  2. Eight Door Lockers are considered as sports lockers. They are widely used in clubs and other games institutions. These lockers provide players a personal storage area. These lockers are manufactured using robust steel and then a layer of anti-bacterial powder coating enhances their durability. They are available in seven colors and they are green, yellow, white, silver, black, red, and blue.

  3. Large Capacity Lockers come with adjustable shelves thus you can keep anything in it. You can remove a shelf and hang your uniform or fold all your clothes and stack it for more storage. You can also keep your personal accessories in it.

  4. Clean and Dirty Locker comes with a top shelf where you can keep some of your accessories and two large compartments with double coat hook to hang all your dirty and washed clean clothes separately.

  5. Twin Lockers are divided into two halves which make it convenient for sharing. They come with a top shelf and a large compartment with double coat hook for hanging uniform or other clothing

Other value lockers available are 10 Door Locker, One Door Low Locker, Tow Door Low Locker, Janitors Locker, Sixteen Door Locker, etc.