May 13

Efficient storage solutions enabled by mobile shelving and cost effective locker systems

Anyone in business knows that by using your office or business premises space more effectively you could be saving money. Do you know how much you are spending on storing products, equipment or paper records? Does the way you use your storage enhance your business or is it just a necessary evil. If you consider that on average the storage of paper records takes up to 20 percent of available office space and is increasing, the volume of paper records is increasing every year, and the cost of business premises is rising then you need to ensure that you are getting the best use out of your available storage space.

At shelving store we specialize in mobile shelving, shelving, cupboards, cabinets and a wide range commercial storage solutions. We also specialize in the supply of storage Lockers and have an extensive range covering all commercial, educational and public environments so we are certain that we will have a locker to suit your requirement.

Mobile shelving

A Mobile shelving system provides the perfect solution to maximize your available storage space. We supply the Probe, medium duty mobile shelving systems which offer the highest quality track, mechanism and base. It is used in conjunction with the Probe range of Mistral and rolled edge shelving and the design of the rolling mobile shelving bays can create up to 100% more storage space in the available area.

The Probe mobile shelving system is completely freestanding requiring no drilling or fixing to the floor making it an easy option to install. This also means that it can easily be moved with you should your office move.

Uses for Mobile Shelving

Providing increased capacity for office filing and general storage
Medical records, dental records, hospital and patient records storage
Library shelving- Storing books, brochures and media
Archive filing and document storage
Solicitors file storage
Architects drawings storage

Storage Lockers

When in the workplace whether it is an office , hospital, school or private commercial organization, the requirement to provide staff and users with a place to store their personal belongings has increased and the use of lockers is increasing as the solution.

The simplicity of design whilst offering a functional secure storage solution along with ease and convenience makes them ideal for a wide range of settings.

We have put together a summary of some of the categories of lockers to give you an idea of what is available.

Steel lockers are the traditional choice for most situations. With modern designs and the inherent durability and strength offered from its steel construction along with the benefits of extreme value for money, steel lockers haven’t lost their appeal to the market. Available in a range of different sizes, with a range of compartment configurations they offer real range and flexibility. A wide range of lock options add to the choice.

School Lockers are an absolutely vital storage component in any educational establishment offering staff and students alike somewhere secure to keep their personal belonging. With a range of materials and colors available they can form part of the aesthetics and tone of your school or college offering an organized and ordered environment.

Laminate lockers versions of the steel lockers are incredibly tough and hard-wearing. They are Impact resistant, scratch resistant, graffiti resistant, moisture resistant, wear resistant and easy to clean which makes them ideal for heavy frequent use in tough environments. With a choice of inset or overlay doors, a wide range of lock options and a huge range of standard and non standard colors to choose from you are certain to find an option that is right for you.

Wire mesh lockers offer a very secure way of storing items whilst providing high levels of visibility and air circulation. This makes them suitable to an environment where security is a consideration and the visibility into staff and users lockers is required. They are also suitable for the storage of wet clothes as the mesh construction provides high levels of air circulation

Everybody has a laptop or personal electronic device, be it the mobile phone or digital camera there is a large number of electronic devices that we carry and that we will need to charge and keep secure whilst we are away from our homes. This has necessitated the development of lockers that can both store and charge these devices whilst keeping them safe and secure. We offer a range of storage and charging lockers from eight, ten and fifteen compartment lockers that can also charge the device whilst stored. The charging lockers have perforated rear panels for heat dissipation and all have a wide range of lock options.

Garment Lockers  & Laundry Lockers. In environments where the employees use uniforms that are cleaned and reissued the use of garment dispensing lockers makes it an easy task. They are designed with a single service door which allows the garment service provider to distribute fresh items to all users in the locker. Each compartment can only be accessed individually by the user keeping them safe and retaining audit ability. The garment collector provides one point of deposit for all users used items ready for collection and cleaning.

Post-box Lockers are a simple solution for the distribution of mail. Individual lockable post boxes allow mail to be securely received and retrieved by the intended recipient.

Plastic Lockers that can be used inside or outside. Lockers that are resistant to water can be cleaned using a pressure hose. Lockers that are highly resistant to vandal abuse. Our plastic lockers are hygienic as well as weather and vandal-resistant making them ideal for external use, use in dirty environments or for use by the swimming pool where chemical and moisture may impact standard steel lockers. They can of course be used in any situation as they look great.

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Mar 11

Mobile Shelving – Reliable Option to Maximize the Storage Capacity

Most of the metropolitan cities are facing the major crisis that is the availability of bigger space either it is for an office or for a resident. Property rates are high in the business areas or the areas available with all the required utilities for the residents. In these areas, the available space is comparatively low and the storage necessities remain the same. Mobile Shelving has proved to be the ideal solution for the same these days.

No matter whether it is the small kitchen or an undersized office, the mobile shelving works fine for your storage requirements. Such shelving units have specifically designed to increase the storage capability. They are the movable cabinets mounted on the tracks. This system provides the ease to store all the files, folders and other utilities efficiently and decently. Such system may contain palate racking or mobile racking as well. Such storage is ideal where high volume of books, files, physical archived material is needed to be stored in the organized manner.

There are some significant advantages with the mobile shelving which includes creation of some extra storage legroom, security for the physical materials, and versatility in the arrangement for the storage. It has been observed that with the mobile shelving around 50% of the floor space can be saved. They also amplify around 50% of the storage capacity in comparison to the traditional method. They could be used to bank the walkways and have been observed to be working smoothly and silently.

Worth noting that Mobile Shelving can be used for various professional fields such as library, video libraries, hospitals to keep medical records, retail sectors for the storage of the shoe boxes, garment racks and other storage to name a few. No wonder they could be used efficiently for the wardrobes of your family members along with the file storage in your office for the different clients.

Worth noting that the mobile shelving can be moved manually geared system as well as by a powered system. These advantages help you to improve your overall performance in the organization where they have a hassle free system to store, secure, save and access the required data as often as they are needed. It is also notable that the mobile shelving not only gives the benefit of maximizing and organizing the low availability of the space but it also come with the security measures. Such shelving comes with the range of colors, size, and shape. They are also cost savers along with the floor space.

Many companies provide the online information about the mobile shelving available in their store. They may design the one as per your requirement and offer the free delivery services. They may provide you the lease based mobile shelving for the stipulated time if it is for the highly commercial usage.

If the petite space with the necessity of big storage has given you any trouble so far then now you have got the solution in terms of mobile shelving.

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