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Shelvingstore is a leading supplier of Lockers in the UK

Shelvingstore are please to offer what is probably the biggest choice Of Lockers Online in the UK

Whilst we supply an extensive range of storage products we have a particular focus on lockers with a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist you in selecting the right product.
We supply an extensive range, to offer a storage locker product for most working environments. The requirement for the office environment will differ from what is needed in a factory or food processing plant and that may be differ again to the lockers required in a school or university. Let us help and guide you to ensure you get the right product at the right price.

The lockers we supply are available in steel, plastic, solid grade laminates and wire mesh. All available in a range of dimensions, colour choices and with a variety of lock choices and accessory options.

Latest Locker systems
We are please to be offering a range of innovative new products which include a new range of laptop charging and non charging lockers  which are proving very successful into the academic arena.

The new Ultrabox and Ultrabox Plus plastic lockers can be used both indoor and out with the UltrboxPlus having a waterproof door seal it means your storage can now move outdoors.

There's more to it than you think and here are just some of the locker products that we supply.

Standard steel.
Steel bodies with steel doors and suitable for most environments and across many industries.
Available in 1 to 16 compartment options and in a range of colours.

A six compartment post locker suitable securely managing individual post 6 different users. Designed for use for serviced offices, student accommodation, office post rooms etc.

Personal Effects
Multiple, small compartment lockers from 8 to 40 compartments for the storage of small personal effects such as wallets and mobile phones.

Garment Management
A range of lockers for the management of uniform and service overalls.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
For the specific provision of storage for PPE equipment issued in the workplace.

Solid Grade laminate (SGL)  "SHOCKPROOF" doors
Steel body's  with SGL doors. SGL doors are shockproof, scratch resistant, water resistant, grafitti resistant and heat resistant making them the ideal door for more demanding environments within the school environment , busy staff room or for the provision of public use lockers.

MDF Laminate faced
Steel bodies with MDF laminate faced doors giving the effect of solid wooden doors.

Anti Stock Theft
Steel body with a full clear polycarbonate door. This gives the opportunity for supervisors to monitor what is been stored in lockers. Helps prevent theft in retail environments.

Steel  body with a steel door  with the inclusion of a polycarbonate vision panel.
The principle is the same as for the full polycarbonate door but combining a steel door with a vision panel adds and increased level of door security.

Laptop Storage
Steel bodied lockers with steel doors that can be supplied for storage only or supplied with a power supply to each compartment top allow the charging of laptops, ipad and other devices whilst they are securely stored.

Plastic Lockers
Allows you to take your storage outdoors! Available in two specifications. Ultrbox which is water resistant or Ultrbox Plus which has the addition of a waterproof door seal making it waterproof.
Robust plastic lockers that can take a knock in the most extreme of environments.

Installation Of Lockers
For larger installation you may want to leave the installation to the professionals. Shelvingstore are happy to quote for installation of your lockers. Let us take the strain and ensure that your installation is undertaken professionally to make sure that you will get years of service from your lockers.