May 13

Storage Solutions Enabled by Mobile Shelving & Budget Lockers

Anyone in business knows that by using your office or business premises space more effectively you could be saving money. Do you know how much you are spending on storing products, equipment or paper records? Does the way you use your storage enhance your business or is it just a necessary evil. If you consider that on average the storage of paper records takes up to 20 percent of available office space and is increasing,… Read More

Mar 11

Mobile Shelving – Reliable Option to Maximize the Storage Capacity

Most of the metropolitan cities are facing the major crisis that is the availability of bigger space either it is for an office or for a resident. Property rates are high in the business areas or the areas available with all the required utilities for the residents. In these areas, the available space is comparatively low and the storage necessities remain the same. Mobile Shelving has proved to be the ideal solution for the same… Read More