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Lock Types Explained

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Lock Types

Locker Lock Options
*Included in Locker price. Request lock type at point of ordering.
Type A Lock
Type A Locks *
Key Locking
Even the standard lock has a micro sprung
10 disc lock featuring a massive 3000 serial combinations - all exclusive to Probe.
Two keys are included with each standard lock


Type B lock Type B Locks *
Hasp & Staple
Attractive design allowing easy use of padlock?tting.
An improved design increasing security as this push and twist hasp & staple dissengages the lock shaft from the cam when the padlock is in pplace, meaning the lock will just spinwhich prevents forced opening.
Shank diameter maximum 7mm and minimum 5mm. Padlock sold separately.
Optional Lock choices of:

Type C Radial Pin

Radial Pin Locks
The radial pin locks are designed to provide greater levels of security over standard key locks. Two keys provided with each lock. Master keys also available.

Type P lock
Reprogrammable 4 digits combination Lock
A new 4 digits combintion lock.
Code can be set by the user and reset if the code is forgotten or the user changes. Using the master key allows you to manually identify and reset the code.
Master override key sold separately. Not suitable for public or multiuser operation


Type E lock
Code Re-programming 4 digits combination.
Code Re-programming 4 digits combination.
This lock is more sophisticated than the similar Type P and Type K lock as you can find an existing code and reset the code using the master key
Turning the master key allows the barrels to automatically roll to the set number allowing you to reset the code.
Easy to use front facing dial 10,000 combinations.
One Service Key required  per installation (Service Key sold separately).
Not recommended for multi user applications.

Re-programmable 4 digits combination lock
A master key can be used to open all locks and reset the code.
Reprogrammable  easy operation and 10,000 possible combinations
set and easily changed by users using Override key.

Not recommended for multi user or public use operation.


Type H lock
Coin Return Lock
These locks are available with a range of coin denominations £, Euro or tokens.
Returns the coin or token to the user after use.
Also available as a COIN RETAIN
These locks are available with a range of coin denominations £, Euro or tokens.
Retains the coin or token in a safe box under the locker effectively making locker use chargeable.


Lock Type L
Electronic Digital combination Lock
4 digits user code
8 digits master code
Choice of Modes
Private mode (user code retained when  opened) or
Public mode (user code lost when opened)
Technician mode (user code retained with lock set in Public mode)
Mechanical override key, 2,000 differs, master option
Master keys for standard cam locks are available as an extra option.
40,000 COMBINATIONS Emergency access using service key Simple to program
Batteries last up to 50,000 operations
Can be used and fitted to the lockers HORIZONTALLY
Subject to minimum order quantity. The card holder is not included when ordered in horizontal use.

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