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Library Shelving Std Bays


Library Shelving Cantilever

Shelving Store offer a complete versatile collection of Cantilever Library Shelving and accessories from Technic. Cantilever Library Shelving is practical, flexible and affordable and perfect for book storage.

Standard Bays

We have put together a range of STANDARD BAY options for you to choose from online.

1200mm High x 900mm Wide x 250mm Deep
1200mm High x 900mm Wide x 300mm Deep
1500mm High x 900mm Wide x 250mm Deep
1500mm High x 900mm Wide x 300mm Deep
1800mm High x 900mm Wide x 250mm Deep
1800mm High x 900mm Wide x 300mm Deep
2100mm High x 900mm Wide x 250mm Deep
2100mm High x 900mm Wide x 300mm Deep

Technics is also available in the following heights and depth and in either single sided or double sided units. If you require a different size  from the standard bay options available online please call for pricing.

Available heights and depths.

Height MM x Width MM
900 x 250, 1200 x 200, 1200 x 250, 1200 x 300, 1500 x 200, 1500 x 250, 1500 x 300, 1800 x 200, 1800 x 250, 1800 x 300, 2100 x 200, 2100 x 250, 2100 x 300, 2300 x 200, 2300 x 250, 2300 x 300 

For libraries and so much more

Although, it’s called Cantilever Library Shelving, it can easily be used for companies, offices, publishing houses, schools, hospitals and shop refurbishments to store books, publications, magazines, folders, files and box files, plus electronic data on CDs, DVDs, videos.

Quick and easy

Uprights are available in 5 heights options: 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100 and 2300mm. It’s quick and easy to put together which saves down time and minimises disturbance.

Modular flexibility for all your needs

It’s a modular system that’s so you can configure it to almost any layout. Options include single and double-sided floor standing units. You can change, adjust, expand and reconfigure it as much as you like. Shelves are adjustable every 25mm, so you can have shelves different levels, from bay to bay.

Freestanding, wall-mounted or mobile

You can choose to have your Cantilever Library Shelving as free standing with adjustable feet, or wall mounted or mobile. At Shelving Store we offer a complete Installation Service. Mobile units on wheels maximise space and could double the amount you store as you don’t need individual walkways they can be rolled together.

Superb strength

Cantilever shelves are incredibly resilient, reliable and robust. The frames are welded so they’re stronger and more rigid and the shelves support 00kgs per square metre.

Activecoat reduces E-coli (Escherichia Coli) and MRSA superbug (Staphylococcus Aureus) by 99% in independent tests.

Fungi, mould, algae, allergens, and harmful bacteria are impeded.

Activecoat reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Activecoat meets the most stringent hygiene requirements.

Activecoat, which was developed in conjunction with Dupont, makes library Cantilever Shelving suitable for hospitals, food processing and manufacturing plants, restaurants, retail changing rooms and schools, colleges and universities.

At Shelving Store, we also offer a full range of accessories including  magazine boxes, book supports and aisle labels.