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Shortspan Extension Bays


Shortspan Extension Bays

As well as our Shortspan Shelving Started Bays, at shelving store we also offer Shortspan Extension Bays. So now you can extend your storage as much as you need.

Shortspan Extension Bays have the same qualities as the Shortspan Starter Bays. They’re lightweight, strong, versatile storage that’s safe, secure and cost-effective.

They’re still made from stainless-steel with an easy-clean zinc finish.

They come with one upright and 6 shelves to attach the other end to your existing starter set. They offer the following load capabilities.

900mm shelving bay width
Shelf Depth   Load Capacity
320mm        180kg
400mm        180kg
500mm        180kg
600mm        150kg
800mm        180kg

Extension Bays just click together with locking pins and are simple to adjust in a few minutes. They also come with fixing kits to secure the bay to the floor securely.