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3.05m High Racking Starter Bay - Choose Width & Depth
Our Price :
 £ 231.66
RRP : £ 302.4


(5) 1220mm depth price uplift:
(4) 915mm depth price uplift:
(3) 762mm depth price uplift:
(2) 610mm depth price uplift:
(1) 457mm depth price uplift:
Total Price :
 £ 231.66

Long Span Heavy Duty Racking

3.05m High Complete Starter bay.

Select you chosen shelf depth (front to back) from the drop down list, 1-5 shown above and then select your required racking dimensions  from the drop down options shown in that depth.

Starter bays include 2 upright frames and three shelves. Frames are supplied KD (knock down) for assembly on site.

Available in bay widths of 1220mm (UDL 1200Kgs), 1525mm (UDL 1000kgs), 1830mm (UDL 800kgs), 2135mm (UDL 700kgs),2440mm (UDL 600kgs), and 2745mm (UDL 440kgs) And available in Shelf depths of 457mm, 610mm, 762mm, 915mm and 1220mm

Beam levels include chipboard decking, deck supports and safety pins*
The beams are supplied with 18mm thick high density chipboard deck panels to fit the beam width and depth chosen.

*457mm have no deck supports, bays 1220 to 1830mm wide have 3 deck supports, bays 2135 to 2745mm wide have 4 deck supports per level. Beam safety pins are supplied for all.

Prices are for supply only and do not include installation, instructions and floor fixing kits to secure the installation are supplied. All systems are supplied knock down for assembly on site and the weights and loading are based on UDL (Uniform Distributed Loads). If the height to depth ratio is more than 4:1 then the racking should be secured to the floor or wall.

Extension bays are available.

Delivery is normally 5 days from date of order.