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Additional Racking shelves- beam level pricing
Our Price :
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RRP : £ 43.12


(5) 1220mm Depth Front to Back:
(4) 915mm Depth Front to Back:
(3) 762mm Depth Front to Back:
(2) 610mm Depth Front to Back:
(1) 457mm Depth Front to Back:
Total Price :
 £ 0.00

For each of our longspan racking starter bays and extensions  you can buy additional shelves  to add to the three that come with the are supplied with the starter and extensions.size options

available in 6 shelf widths and 5 shelf depths.

Widths Available -1220mm, 1525mm, 1830mm, 2135mm, 2440mm and 2745mm

All available in the following depths

Depths available

457mm, 610mm, 762mm, 915mm and 1220mm

Deck supports = none on 457mm deep, 1220 to 1830mm have 3, 2135 to 2440mm have 4, 2745mm have 5 per level

Select you chosen  shelf depth (front to back) from the drop down list, 1-5 shown above and then select your required width  from the drop down options shown in that depth.