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Educational Furniture

Education Furniture

A fantastic range of British built furniture, designed specifically for the classroom.

With different styles and colour ranges designed to address different requirements within the academic environment, you have the choice of furniture that includes,  tray storage, cupboards, bookcases, storage room dividers, exam desks, office storage, instrument storage, art equipment storage and more.

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Find Beech - Shallow Tray with different varieties...

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Find Beech-Extra Deep Tray with different varietie...

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Find Beech - Jumbo Tray with different varieties a...

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Find Beech - Variety Tray with different varieties...

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Find Beech - Allsorts Range with different varieti...

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Find Beech -Tray Storage Cupboards with different ...


All manufactured to the highest standards in the United Kingdom.

The Ranges include

Beech - Shallow Tray
Beech - Extra Deep Tray
Beech -Jumbo Tray
Beech - Variety Tray
Beech - Combination Tray
Beech -Sliding Door Units
Beech - Allsorts Range
Beech -Tray Storage Cupboards
White Range
Colour My World
Coloured Edge 
Bubblegum Range
Room Dividers
Bookcases & Cupboards
Art Storage
Book Storage
Music Storage
Exam Desks & Study Carrels
Office Storage
Metal Storage

Standard delivery is between 5-15 working days.

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