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Mobile Phone Storage

The Perfect solution for storing mobile phones

Mobile Phone Lockers

With just about everyone now carrying a mobile phone, the requirement to store these securely whilst in the workplace, office or school has increased significantly and to offer a locker storage solution we have our range of small compartment mobile phone lockers.

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Non Charging

From £111.19

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Charging Lockers

From £253.59

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All are for storage only and do not charge the phones. They offer a range of small compartment mobile phone lockers suitable for the storage of mobile phones or other small personal items.

We have 4 main choices

8 Compartments Locker complete with a sloping top that can be floor or wall mounted.
1000/920mm High (sloping top) x 250mm widex180mm deep
Compartment sizes are 90mm Highx192mm Widex150mm d

20 compartments - 5 compartments highx4 compartments wide
940mm High x 900mm widex380mm Deep
Compartment clear entry Size 155mmx155mm
45kgs weight

40 Compartment Locker

Effectively 2 of the 20 compartments locker that you stack on top of each other.
They are secured in place with fixing straps.90Kgs

16 compartments locker 1780mm Highx305mm widex460mm deep
door compartments are 90mm highx241mm wide.

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