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Wire Mesh Lockers

Shelving Store has a wide selection of wire mesh lockers which are the ideal product to choose when high visual security or air circulation is a requirement.

Buying your lockers online through shelving store ensures that you are getting the best products at the best price

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Premium Mesh Lockers

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Personal Effects Wire Mesh Lockers

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Wire Mesh Cupboards

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Wire mesh lockers and cupboards have the benefits over standard steel Lockers, Solid Grade Laminate Lockers or timber lockers and cupboards, of offering highly secure storage along with a product that has high levels of ventilation. In addition, the high levels of visibility inherent due to the wire mesh design and construction provides important security benefits as you are able to see what is stored in the wire mesh lockers and cupboards at all times.

In work environments where clothing becomes wet and needs securely storing whilst drying, the ventilation offered by wire mesh lockers allows the air to circulate far more that other storage products.

These features make the Wire Mesh Lockers well suited to a wide range of industry sectors however there are certain industries such as the food sector and the construction sector where we see these features are needed.

Shelving Store makes buying your lockers online easy.

The lockers can be supplied door less to provide an open fronted storage unit with the same ventilation and air circulation benefits offering another level of flexibility in your product selection.

All of our wire mesh storage lockers are supplied complete with integral brackets that allow you fit them together in locker runs or it enables you to install them back to back in the centre of a locker or changing room.

All of our wire mesh lockers are supplied with 150mm legs integrated into the construction which lifts the lockers of the floor improving access for cleaning under the lockers and they also give you the option to securely fix the lockers to the floor.

You now have the choice of compartment locks as all doors can be fitted with either the hasp and staple lock which is designed to be used with your own padlocks or alternatively they can be supplied with the option of the CAM key lock. CAM key locks are supplied with 2 keys per locker compartment door.

As standard the wire mesh lockers are priced with a flat locker top but you have the option of adding a sloping top to your specification. A sloping top prevents what we term casual storage of items on top of the locker. The addition of a sloping top means that bags and coats cannot be stored on top of the locker, they also prevent the built up of litter and dust which is a major consideration to the food industry in particular but also to any sensitive environment where cleanliness is paramount. Adding a sloping top means the locker will be manufactured with the top included. Sloping tops are not a retrospective fit option.

The single compartment wire mesh locker is supplied with a top shelf for storing smaller personal effect or items of PPE such as hard hats. It is also supplied with a coat hook allowing full length storage of personal clothing, work clothing such as PPE overalls or uniforms.

To add a further level of security both the single door and two doors wire mesh lockers are supplied with three point locking.

The two tier lockers are also supplied with a cost hook in each locker compartment.

Available with a range of locker configurations from 1 to 6 doors. As standard the wire mesh lockers are finished in Bright Zinc Plate (BZP). Should you require the option of a stainless steel wire mesh locker we are pleased to say that this is an option. Please contact us for pricing.

Should you have your own design requirement to specifically address your installation area or particular storage needs we are able to design and manufacture a bespoke product.

By Buying your Lockers Online through shelving store you are guaranteed the best products at the best prices with the highest levels of customer service.

Please call 01244 660839 for details and pricing or buy your lockers online.

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