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Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving System

If you are looking for a cost effective, high-density mobile storage solution then we are pleased to offer the Mobile Shelving system.

It is designed to offer a medium weight, medium duty system suitable for most requirements. The design and manufacture of our system provides a high-quality track along with along with a newly redesigned mobile mechanism.

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Mobile shelving

Mobile Shelving Systems

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Mobile Shelving System

Track and Floor 

The basis of the system is a totally free-standing base. This base is made up of a track and a floor assembly. The track is a composite steel assembly. The composite track consists of an outer formed section with an inner steel ‘C’ section used as the load bearing member. This combination provides the necessary loading capacity with minimum deflection. The track assembly is light and easy to install and transport. The track is fitted along its length with levelling shims to provide a means of accurately levelling the tracks on an uneven floor. The integral floor system creates a safe and strong false floor for personnel to walk on. The floor is produced from 18mm flooring grade particle board. The floor is located and simply secured between the tracks on an up stand on the edge of the track and an integral groove on the underside of the boards. The boards are then slid and connected by tongue and grooves to give a strong and flush fitting surface. Board thickness can be reduced to accept free issue carpet tiles. 

Mobile Bases 

The movement of the system is created with the base carriages that comprise of initial and extension bays. Both these bases have three widths – nominally 1200mm, 1000mm, 900mm and 750mm and various depths. The bases can be both single or double sided depending upon the quantity of storage needed and space available. The mobile bases are comprised of carriage units: that provide housings for the mobile’s wheels, facing channels; used to tie the carriages together and wheel axles that join the driving wheels together. Each initial bay (starter) can have either drive channel (capstan) or a push/pull handle secured direct to the shelving upright. Movement of the bases is gained by turning the capstans hand wheel in left or right direction. The drive is then transmitted to the wheels by a series of chain and sprockets on one side of the base.

Mobile Hybrid Shelving

Standard Heights 1825 - 2125 - 2425 (mm)

Standard Depths 150 - 200 - 250 - 300 - 350 - 400 - 450 - 500 – 600  (mm)

Mobile shelving systems are designed and manufactured in the UK, conforming to ISO 9001:2000

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