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Lockers and Storage Products

We are a leading website bringing together all that is best in the world of locker and storage products in the UK.
We are pleased to offer what we consider to be the most comprehensive range of lockers and storage products available in the UK today which we offer at the most competitive prices delivered directly to your door with delivery,  in most cases,  being completely free of charge.

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Value Steel Lockers Background Image

Value Steel Lockers

From £73.10

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Colour Range Lockers Background Image

Colour Range Lockers

From £73.10

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Low Lockers Background Image

Low Lockers

From £66.07

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Cube & Quarto Lockers Background Image

Cube & Quarto Lockers

From £39.33

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Pure Lockers Background Image

Pure Lockers

From £29.62

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Personal Effects Lockers Background Image

Personal Effects Lockers

From £111.19

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Specialist Lockers Background Image

Specialist Lockers

From £106.88

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Anti Theft Vision Panel Lockers Background Image

Anti Theft Vision Panel Lockers

From £128.59

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Clear View Anti Stock Theft Lockers Background Image

Clear View Anti Stock Theft Lockers

From £130.99

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PPE Lockers Background Image

PPE Lockers

From £73.35

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Garment & Laundry Lockers Background Image

Garment & Laundry Lockers

From £154.53

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Post Box Background Image

Post Box

From £150.44

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Pod  Space Saving Background Image

Pod Space Saving

From £1,142.96

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Locker Stands Background Image

Locker Stands

From £29.31

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We really do know our lockers and have a vast range of locker types and options but lockers are not all that we supply and we are equally competitive when supplying shelving, racking, cupboards cabinets, workstations as well as space saving “Kinetic” mobile shelving. Our wealth of knowledge and experience is here to assist in your product selection ensuring that you get the right products.

Whilst the range may seem endless, it does need to be because the locker specification required in a swimming pool is very different from that which is required in an office environment and it will be different again in a factory, food processing plant or manufacturing environment to those that are required in a school or university.

We aim to be able to offer a storage locker product for almost every possible working environment and we are here to help select the correct product and we always aim to offer the best value for money.

Lockers are available in steel, plastic, solid grade laminates MFC, aluminium and wire mesh.  All are available in a variety of sizes with a massive range of colour choices. When you add this to the wide range of lock options and locker accessories it means we are comfortable that we can offer a product suitable for you.

Summary of Locker Systems

There is a lot more to lockers than you think and we have summarised a few different locker types below to give a taste of what we supply.


Standard Steel Lockers

Whilst we call these our “Standard” lockers we really mean the work horse locker as they have been in production and supply within the UK since 1965 and have successfully provided locker storage for hundreds of thousands of customers.

Manufactured with Steel bodies and steel doors they are suitable for most workplace and academic environments and across a wide range of industries.
They are available from a 1 compartment unit up to a 16 compartment

NEW Aluminium Bodied “ ZEN” Lockers  with Solid Grade Laminate Doors (SGL)
The ideal lockers for swimming pools, shower rooms, changing rooms or wet rooms. Perfect for leisure centres and clubs, these lockers are designed to withstand the robust use endured in a wet environment in a commercial setting.

Laptop and Tablet device storage
The “LapBox” and “TabBox” Lockers offer storage lockers designed specifically to safely store your laptops or tablets and they also offer an option to charge you devices whilst being securely stored and you even have the choice of USB charging within the TabBox range. The lapbox range is designed for larger laptop devices and the TabBox range is designed for smaller tablets.

Robust Plastic Lockers for harsh environments or for use outdoors
The Ultrabox and Ultrabox Plus plastic lockers can be used indoors by a swimming pool or outdoors to extend your schools storage. They are so tough that they are great in workplaces where you would need to pressure clean your lockers on a regular basis.

"SHOCKBOX” Lockers with Solid Grade laminate (SGL) doors and a steel body.
Steel body’s with SGL doors.  The SGL doors are shockproof, scratch resistant, water resistant, graffiti resistant and heat resistant. These hard wearing attributes make these lockers the perfect locker product door for most demanding work or school environment whilst being equally suitable for a busy staff room.

Mobile Phone Charge and store Lockers
A fantastic range of lockers designed specifically to safely store your mobile phones or small electronic devices whilst keeping them safely locked and stored.

You also have an option to choose USB charging as well as standard 3 pin sockets. We can even offer a mobile phone storage lockers with polycarbonate vision panel windows in the doors to allow you to check or inspect the contents of the locker.

Timber Box – Timber effect MDF Laminate faced lockers with steel bodies
Steel bodies with Timber MDF laminate faced doors giving the effect of solid wooden doors. With a choice of Ash, Oak, Maple, Walnut and Beech we are certain you will find a wood effect finish to compliment your colour scheme.

Mirror Box – MDF Mirror Gloss Laminate faced lockers with steel bodies
Steel bodies lockers with Mirror Gloss MDF laminate faced doors giving a stunning and stylish mirror gloss finish. Available in a range of stock and non stock colours this range offers you that designer touch to your lockers.

MiniBox -Personal Effects Lockers
If you are after a locker to keep your small personal effects such as your keys, wallet, mobile phone stored then the range of MiniBox lockers offers the answer.
Multiple, small compartment lockers from 8 to 40 compartments, the perfect range of Personal Effects lockers.

Garment Management Lockers
A range of lockers designed specifically for the management and distribution and collection of uniforms, work garments or service overalls in the workplace. Designed with a single service door for uniform service providers to easily replenish staff uniforms, whilst individual user doors allow staff to access their uniforms only. A bulk garment collector easily allows staff to deposit used garments ready for collection.

delivery on most products is free within the UK Mainland unless utherwise stated or quoted.*

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