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Garment & Laundry Lockers


Garment & Laundry Lockers

Managing workplace clothing hygienically, collecting used garments and supplying fresh clean ones can be made easier with Garment and Laundry Lockers. Shelving Store have extensive experience in supplying these lockers in UK wide to hundreds of companies across many industry sectors, so we can advise you on any aspect.

Laundry is often done by third party companies given access to the site, so the management of their access, control and security in vital. At Shelving Store, we have lockers that solve these issues and put you in control. We have supplied lockers in UK wide to solve this problem. They called Garment and Laundry Lockers, but they can equally be used for storing equipment, safety equipment and work specific consumables required by shift work staff.

Our Garment Lockers offer your staff individual access to freshly laundered and newly issued clothing. Each locker compartment door is inset within the main locked full height door so you can access all the individual lockers compartments, so it’s quick, easy and convenient to re-supply and re-issue clothing.

This type of laundry management system keeps garments clean and secure, reduces casual theft and eliminates the need for a staffed store and cloakroom.

Our Garment Lockers include Bulk Collectors, so that at the end of the day or shift, the workforce can just put their used uniforms and garments into it, ready to be collected for cleaning. By installing a bulk collector, you are separating the clean and used items to help maintain a hygienic working environment.

We also offer Garment Dispensers which create an organised, dedicated storage space, for fresh laundered garments, away from soiled items.

At Shelving Store, all our Garment and Laundry Lockers have an anti-bacterial powder coating – Activecoat – which entirely seals the steel, to impede mould, fungi, algae and harmful bacteria, reduce cross-contamination and reduce the MRSA Superbug (Staphylococcus Aureus) and E-coli (Escherichia Coli) by 99%.

You can buy Garment & Laundry Lockers online at Shelving Store in standard sizes, plus we also offer a Bespoke Design Service to meet your exact needs. Just talk to us about your needs and we’ll guide you through the best choices and options.

We offer the lowest price garment lockers and dispensers on the market with our Price Promise Guarantee. Plus, unlike others, we offer Free Delivery.