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School Lockers

Instant customer accounts for academic organisations so you can simply place your order and we invoice you following delivery of your chosen products.

At shelving store, we supply an extensive range of school lockers and we know that the school environment is particularly busy one which needs equipment and products that are more robust than normal. To provide a solution, we are pleased to offer the toughest of school locker ranges, so tough we have called them Shockproof lockers. With the extremely strong and robust welded and riveted steel locker bodies, we also now offer 10mm solid grade laminate doors. With Solid Grade laminate materials and colour options available from the world best-known manufacturers such as Formica, Trespa, Arpa and Polyrey we know this is a seriously tough school locker.

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SHOCKPROOF Solid Grade Laminate INSET Doors

From £102.35

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SHOCKPROOF Solid Grade Laminate OVERLAY Door

From £107.13

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Water Resistant Lockers

From £65.53

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Waterproof Plastic Lockers

From £70.01

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School Steel Lockers

From £49.02

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Individual Compartment Lockers

From £29.18

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School Laptop & Tablet Charging Lockers

From £215.86

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School Laptop NON Charging Lockers

From £183

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School Personal Effects Lockers

From £105.76

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You can choose from two different door designs from either the Overlay or Inset doors. Overlay doors present the doors flush across the face of the locker compartments whilst the inset doors are set into the steel lockers door frame. Two different design styles, same strength and durability.

The solid grade laminate doors are highly resistant to scratching, they do not absorb moisture and are they highly heat resistant. Importantly they can take an impact without fear of distortion which unlike a steel locker door, means that they will not bend or dent. In any school, college or academic setting having school lockers that can withstand the knocks from your students means that you will get a school locker that will provide longer useful service than a standard school locker. Both the overlay and inset doors are designed to stop the doors been deliberately forced inwards as may be experienced in a deliberate vandal attack. The inset door has a unique anti vandal designed door frame stop.

Combine these locker materials and design features with an extensive range of lock option and we are certain that we can offer you the right lockers for your school or college.

Shelving Store is a major school locker supplier with years of experience in supplying school lockers to academic environments throughout the United Kingdom.

We deliver lockers UK wide and within the UK mainland our delivery is normally free.

Our experience of supplying school lockers combined with our commitment to supply the best available products at the best value for money makes shelving store the first choice for schools when buying lockers online. From value steel lockers to solid grade laminate shockproof lockers for student storage to laptop lockers that will store and charge your laptops, tablets and notebooks, we will have a locker for your needs.

Buy your school lockers now. You can buy your lockers online through our website or contact us on 01244 677585 to get expert advice and assistance. We will be happy to guide you through the locker choices to ensure you get the right school lockers for your school. If ordering online please select the "Pay by Cheque" option if you want to be invoiced and do not want to pay by credit card.

A school Locker is certain to improve the tidiness around a school and as a result will make the school a safer environment.

For more informations about how our school locker can help contribute to making your school, college, academy or university a clean, tidy and secure learning environment please contact us for expert advice on the options available.

If you know what you need you can simply buy your lockers online. Buying lockers online have never been easier and we deliver lockers UK wide.

We deliver lockers in UK wide and within the UK mainland our delivery is normally free.



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