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School Laptop NON Charging Lockers


NON CHARGING Laptop and Media Device Storage Locker

Max Device Dimensions 370mm wide x 420mm deep.

Offering a comprehensive range of media storage tower lockers for the storage and charging of a variety of devices. You can choose from a range of powered laptop storage lockers, mobile or static, there's a media locker to suit your needs.

Tablets, Apple Devices, IT Equipment, Laptops, Smart Device, Netbooks. Whichever is your device, one of our lockers can provide safe storage whilst providing the ability to charge your device whilst stored.

10 or 15 individual compartment door options available

Single door option with either 10 or 15 compartments also available.

Low single door, 8 compartments model available

Mobile trolley option for the 8 compartments model

New design with a safe location of the power socket and with all charging units being marked with the CE mark.

Each charging compartment has a rear perforated panel for heat dissipation.