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Cube & Quarto Lockers

Cube Locker

Cube Locker

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Quarto Lockers

Quarto Lockers

Price £42.84

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Wide Range Of Cube And Quarto Lockers

Both Cube and Quarto Lockers are made from strong steel to keep safe equipment, clothing and personal possessions. They both have air vents so that they can ‘breathe’ and come with a choice of 3 body colours, 6 door colours and have optional stands. They both also have an Activecoat coating, so they’re healthier.

Cube Lockers as the name suggests are perfectly cubed shaped all sides are the same length and they are available in 3 different sizes, with 3 different body colours and 6 different door colours.

Quarto Lockers are taller and come in a choice of 2 sizes with 9 lock types.

Both Cube and Quarto Lockers from Shelving store feature Activecoat, which ensures a healthy hygienic locker:

Activecoat reduces E-coli (Escherichia Coli) and MRSA superbug (Staphylococcus Aureus) by 99% in independent tests.

Fungi, mould, algae, allergens, and harmful bacteria are impeded activecoat reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

The ‘healthy’ locker is created by ionically bonding a hardwearing anti-rust powder coating which contains Silver to seal the steel.

Activecoat meets the most stringent hygiene requirements.

Activecoat, which was developed in conjunction with Dupont and makes Cube and Quarto Lockers suitable for hospitals, food processing and manufacturing plants, restaurants, retail changing rooms and schools, colleges and universities.

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