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Anti Theft Vision Panel Lockers


Clear View Vision Panel Lockers - Anti-Theft

High visibility and high strength - a powerful combination to prevent stock theft.

The fact is that stock loss and theft of equipment and property from businesses costs companies millions. In the retail industry alone, employee theft accounts for 7% of all retail crime with an average of £872 every episode.

These Clear View Vision Panel Lockers from Shelving Store give you an effective solution where you need both high visibility and high security. The principle is simple: in plain view, there is no-where to hide.

As the name suggests, Clear View Vision Panel Lockers have a clear panel in the front of each door, so that the contents can be clearly viewed from the outside without it needing to be opened and searched.

Employees know that any theft can be easily spotted, so it acts as an effective deterrent. Employees will also welcome the visibility of Clear View Vision Panel Lockers for themselves, as it will help protect them from theft between staff.

Available in 1 to 6 compartments, with a choice of 3 depths from 305mm, 380mm and 460mm, each locker has a welded plinth between each compartment for added strength and security.

Shelving Store offer a complete Installation Service as well as Free Delivery.