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Pod Space Saving


Space Saving POD Lockers

A unique space saving Probe design that incorporates individual seed lockers in a circular layout.

Get up to 165% more lockers into the space you have available.

The PODs are available in two PODs Seed sizes

The small POD Seed Sizes means that you can get 11 seeds in the circular POD. With a choice of 1-6 compartments in each seed you can get up to 66 compartments in a Small Seed POD.

The Large seed POD allows 7 seeds to be located together in a POD. Again you have the choice of 1-6 compartments which will provide up to 42 compartments.

With the addition of the optional rotating base the POD locker can be positioned in the corner of a space whilst still providing access to all lockers doors.

Great to save space or great where there is limited space.