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MiniBox 8 Multi Door Mobile Phone Locker

Our Price: £81.07

RRP: £138.30


Total Price: £81.07


MiniBox 8 MULTI DOOR Mobile Phone LOCKER
Excellent 8 compartment small compartment locker suitable for the storage of MOBILE phones.                            
415mm HEIGHT x 900mm WIDTH x 230mm DEPTH    

Compartment Clear Entry Size 155mm x 155mm                    

Can be stacked on top of each other by bolting together or can be wall fixed wall fixings & nesting bolts not supplied
Type L Digital and Type H Coin op locks are Not available on This Product.    

Choice of 3 body colours- White, Black or Grey
Choice of  7 Door colours - Red , Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Black or Grey                         
STACKABLE STRAPS Inc FIXINGS are available                     
Allows 20 Door Low Lockers To Be Securely Stacked On top of Each Other   

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