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eXtreme Plastic Lockers

Extreme Plastic Lockers

Extreme Plastic Lockers

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At Shelving store, we know that it is not very often that one locker can be used to address a range of different locker requirements in a range of wide and differing environments. How often can one locker fit all situations?

Standard value steel lockers are not suited to be used outside as they will eventually rust!

Wooden lockers are not suited to wet environments!

When considering lockers that can be used for a swimming pool changing area or in a wet environment requires one that can cope with the chemicals and moisture.

Getting lockers that can with stand abuse from a user or a potential vandal attack requires a different locker again.

Choosing lockers that can be used in harsh, dirty environments and that can be easily cleaned is a different challenge all together.

Astonishingly Extreme Plastic Locker can address all of these situations making it is truly remarkable product.

Buying Lockers online through shelving store has never been easier and now we offer the extreme plastic locker range at the most competitive prices available.

The extreme plastic lockers is designed with simplicity of use, versatility and design strength at its core.

It is simple design available in three sizes that can be installed in a wide range of configurations by simply bolting them together with the supplied fixing and nesting bolts. With a range of colours and lock options you can create a locker storage area to fit any available space.

The Extreme plastic locker is manufactured from tough high density polyethylene. The manufacture of the extreme plastic locker uses rotational moulding process that creates incredibly tough and resilient lockers.

Rotational moulding is used in the manufacture of the world toughest white water canoes so you can be sure that the extreme plastic locker is tough, strong and resilient.

The design and materials of the Extreme plastic lockers makes them ideally suited to a range of environments indoors or outside and they ideally suited to the harshest of environments.

High Density Polyethylene is highly resistant to deformation which means it does not dent, bend or break under impact and this makes it the perfect locker to resist vandal attack or rough treatment.

The extreme plastic locker does not suffer from rusting and it can be cleaned using a pressure hose and with drain holes to the front of the locker the water drains away.

Perfect for the school or college and equally suited to an industrial setting their strength comes with an attractive design that will add to the aesthetics of the academic or work environment.

You can buy these lockers online at shelving store and we regularly check the market prices to make sure that we are offering the best possible price to our customers.

We also hate to be beaten on price so we will commit to beat any like for like quotation.

When buying lockers online you need to be satisfied that you are getting the best products at the best prices. We commit to providing just that and we always ensure that we offer the best levels of service.

Buy your lockers online in confidence through shelving store.

If you need help and guidance in getting the right products please do not hesitate to contact us and take advantage of our experience and advice.

30 days customer accounts available to school against any school purchase order.

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