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COSHH General Cabinets


COSHH General Cabinets

COSHH regulations (Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health) demand that dangerous or hazardous materials and items stored sagfely at the workplace.

All General Cabinets come are supplied with silver grey doors and silver grey bodies.

As the types of materials needed to be stored and identifed can vary significantly we supply this range of General COSHH cupboards and cabinets so you can manage your own particular hazard. Specialist Labelling is supplied so that you can personalise your specific hazard.

COSHH Genaral CUPBOARDS FEATURE the following

A very stroing and robust construction that is designed to comply with COSHH Regs

All of the cabinets in the range feature adjustable shelves so you can accomodate a variety of hazard sizes.

On the  two door cabinets in the range there is the additional security feature of two point locking.

Removable 75mm sump base tray.

High visibility 270 degrees

Self customisable labelling complying to BS5609

A Smoke/Fire alarm is fitted within the cabinets.