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Ultrabox Water Resistant Lockers


Water Resistant Ultrabox Plastic Lockers

The Ultrabox is the standard service model in the Ultrabox range.

It can provide water resistant Standard Duty up to a rating of IP 53 which means the compartments can with stand water ingress i.e. spraying water. As the locker is made from tough and duurable plastic the locker is suitable for use in environments where steel or woodeen lockers would be unsuitable.

They standar Ultrabox range also has 5 models available with options at a full locker height of 1800mm high and with a choice of 2, 3 or 4 compartments. It is also available as single individual compartment units called "minis" which are 450mm high and also in a 2 compartments version called the "2 doors Mini Locker" which are supplied at 900mm high.

With a range of colours, lock option stands and accessories this really is an outstanding water resistant locker range.