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Ultrabox Plus - Waterproof Plastic Lockers


Water Proof Ultrabox PLUS Plastic Lockers

The Ultrabox PLUS is the full weather model in the Ultrabox range.

It can provide full weather service up to a rating of IP 55 which means the compartments can prevent water ingress i.e. water jets. As the lockers include a waterproof door seals, a waterproof lock gaskets and a waterproof drain hole plugs it provides a locker that is water proof and suitable for the most extreme of external environments and the worst of the weather conditions.

They range has  5 models available with options at full locker height 1800mm high lockers with 2,3 or 4 compartments. Also available as single individual compartment units called "minis" which are 450mm high and also in a  2 compartment version called the "2 door Mini Locker" which are supplied at 900mm high.

With a range of colours, lock option stands and accessories this really is an outstanding outdoor locker range.