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The Widest Choice and the Best Price Shelving

No surprises that at shelving store we specialise in supplying shelves. Lots of them.

IKON Office Shelving (formerly called MISTRAL SHELVING), Rolled Edge Shelving, Super Shelf, Industrial Angle Post, Rivet Racking and Catering Wire Shelving for pubs, kitchens, canteens, hotels and restaurants.

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IKON Office Shelving

IKON Office Shelving

From £63.7

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Library Shelving Std Bays

Library Shelving Std Bays

From £149.94

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Short Span Shelving

Shortspan Shelving

From £105.03

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Longspan Extension bays

Longspan Extension bays

From £102.34

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Longspan Shelving

Longspan Shelving

From £121.19

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Shortspan Extension Bays

Shortspan Extension Bays

From £86.18

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In fact, we’ve stacked thousands for you to choose from, plus we offer a bespoke Design Service, if you can’t find an ideal ‘off the shelf’ solution.

What may be a surprise is how competitive we are. You’ll struggle to find anyone else as great value as us but, if you do, don’t worry, our promise to you is simple:

We will beat any like-for-like price you have been given plus we also offer discounts for bulk orders. Which rather leaves the others unwanted and ...er.. on the shelf.

By closely understanding your requirements and by using our expertise, we can advise you on the perfect products for you. We’re independent, so we’re not offering you a restricted menu of shelving options, as can happen with many others. We can pick and choose the best products, the best deals and take advantage of the best prices for you.

Free delivery and optional installation

We deliver shelving within the UK and Ireland and unlike other companies, we almost always Deliver for free.
We offer optional installation by professional experts.

Shelving solutions for every storage problem

We have expertise in supplying shelving solutions to a myriad of users from businesses, factories and retail premises to sports clubs, schools, government departments, libraries, hospitals and emergency services.

Shelving Store have more following products for best shelving solutions:

1. Ikon Office Shelving (formerly Mistral Shelving)

2. Heavy Duty Longspan Racking

3. Library Shelving Cantilever

4. Industrial Angle Post Shelving

5. Rolled Edge Shelving

6. Shortspan Shelving

7. Shortspan Extension Bays

8. Longspan Shelving

9. Longspan Extension Bays

10. Office Shelving

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