Sep 14

The Importance Of Using Mobile Shelving Systems In Different Commercial As Well As Non-Commercial Sectors

The following article discusses the importance of implementing mobile shelving systems in various commercial and non-commercial sectors and discusses how they are better than other storage systems. The blog entry also goes on to explain how the mobile shelving systems offer easily customizable shelving options for users and can serve as efficient space saving tools.

With the costs for buying or renting retail space going high every now and then, shopkeepers and retail chain owners have to come up with ideas for storing and showcasing their goods that are not only cost effective but are also appealing to the customers. It is also important that any retail shop owner makes the best use of the space that is readily available to him. This can be done by installing the latest mobile shelving systems. Mobile shelving systems or roller racking systems, as they are called, is compact, high density storage systems that can be used for keeping a diverse range of objects for a rather small outlay.

While static shelving systems provide with plenty of storage capacities compared to the conventional 4-drawer filing cabinets, they still have some limitations. Static shelving systems offer great versatility and accessibility to their users, and provide with ample opportunities for excellent utilization of the floor area and the vertical space. However, they do require the separate aisles to have access to the entire floor area. For this reason, people nowadays often prefer to use mobile shelves. These shelving systems not only help to save space by reducing the necessity for using several access aisles; they also facilitate smoother arrangement of the aisles. As the shelving system moves along the floor tracks, one needs to have space only for a single aisle. When a particular item is needed, the bay is first located and then another adjacent aisle is made by moving the units apart.

The mobile shelving systems that are commonly in use nowadays are also much user friendly and provide with easy access to the goods displayed in them. They can be opened and closed by using the tri-wheels or pull handles, which can function as hand-operated mechanical systems. They can also be operated by electric motors that come with push-button controls. Roll-a-side shelving systems are often used in small offices as well as in awkwardly shaped areas like alcoves and corridors. They are generally mounted on low profile mobile tracks and bases and can be rolled aside easily to reach the storage units behind. The mobile shelving units that include only a single access aisle can increase overall filling capacity to around 192 linear meters, thus doubling the total area for storage and filling. On the other hand, if there is space constraint, then mobile shelving system can help to reduce total floor space used for storage to up to 50%.

There are plenty of lockers companies in UK operating in different parts of the United Kingdom that can offer you high quality mobile shelving systems. Besides mobile shelves, these lockers UK companies also have a range of large and small storage lockers for various commercial, industrial and domestic purposes. Whether it is mobile shelves or storage lockers that you are keen on buying, they can offer you plenty of options in both spheres and can provide you with premium customized services should you ask for that as well. However, it is always advisable to do some online research before you finally make your purchase, as that will eventually help you make the right decisions in regards to your specific needs.

Jan 11

Increase Storage Capacity by Using Mobile Shelving

The advancement in technology has led to the digitization of almost all documents. The use of computers is gaining popularity in almost every profession and for almost everything. The problem however is that not everything can be digitized and it at times pays to remain old school. This is the aspect that has made the use of mobile shelving the most preferred for people wishing to store their items in a unique way that saves more on space.

The shelving storage systems have proven effective by bringing efficiency in the storage center. They are designed to give reliable space efficiency in storage and easy retrieval. For many years now, they have been found to maximize on the floor space in the storage area while at the same time give reliable accessibility. They have the capabilities of doubling the filing capacity while at the same time make effective use of the floor. It is by far the best option for bulky storage of documents and other small items.

The capabilities of saving on space have been made possible by the fact that the system helps in eliminating the need for aisles when accessing the desired items. The shelving system is designed in a way that it slides along floor tracks. This means that when needed, one is only required to activate the system which spreads out to give access to the locked documents. There is need for only one aisle which in turn helps in effective utilization of the floor space. The opening and closing is by pull handles with some being more advanced to use electrical motors which require the push of a button.

Mobile shelving has units on which the documents or items are stored on. The units are artistically designed to fit perfectly into each other during storage. When locking up the system, all the units come together to give a compact stack which helps in saving floor space. The users are hence able to lock certain units to prevent unauthorized access. The systems have been found ideal in the storage of sensitive or expensive commodities.

The compactness of mobile shelving gives more room for the installation of more storage systems for more storage capacity. This is because the system helps in saving on the floor space which gives more room for the addition of more storage units. In addition to that, it is important to understand that the shelving can store five times more files under the same space as the conventional systems.

Nov 09

Mobile Shelving At Shelving Store UK

For the comfort and security of our valuable assets, we are habituated to use different types of lockers and shelving. The level of comfort and security may vary with the types of lockers. The variety of lockers include- school lockers, bicycle storage lockers, laundry lockers, wire mesh lockers, post box lockers, storage lockers, two person lockers, janitors lockers, wet area lockers, green lockers, PPE lockers, NHS lockers, pod lockers, utility lockers and compartment lockers, garment lockers. But, these lockers are fixed and made to setup at some particular place only. So, the space acquired once by such lockers will be of no use. Now, you might thinking to free your space, but how? Don’t give much pressure to your mind, there is an easy solution for it. The solution is ‘Mobile Shelving‘. I guess, you might have heard about mobile shelving. If not, then let my pen exercise some more.


Mobile shelving is the most recent and effective concept of storage systems. Mobile shelving provides means for effective storage and recovery management. They are specially developed to modern age needs for the high capacity storage within limited space. The supreme advantage of using mobile shelving system in offices, stores & warehouses is to make maximum use of available space.

The major features of mobile shelving system are :-

  • Maximum storage capacity within limited space

  • Storage units can be maintained together

  • All storage units can be locked at single end for complete security.

  • Protection from dust.

  • Safe & simple manual operation.

  • Almost zero maintenance.

  • Customized design for required load capability & categorized goods.

  • Carry adaptable shelving racks, cupboards, bins, cabinets or any other type of storage units.

  • Decorous appearance, powder coated or painted to color shade of buyer’s choice.

The various types of mobile shelving are available for your comfort and security. So, you just have to select a mobile shelving that can reach all your needs.