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How to Choose the Right Bike Locker

Cycling has picked up pace as a quick mode of travelling. Resultantly, cycles are now a staple in every garden and backyard of a UK household. In the UK alone, it has seen a transition from leisure to utility. With the introduction of the Cycle to Work scheme, cycles are gaining popularity in the workplace. As per Statista, bicycle expenditure on an average shot to a whopping estimate of 434 million GBP in the first quarter of 2020.

This is why appropriate bike storage is indeed a matter of concern for both corporate and educational institutes. Also, the increase of thefts has led to vigilance in the neighbourhoods as well as institutions and a much-needed shift to sturdy safety and security solutions like a bike locker.

Bike Lockers

While most institutions realise the need to buy a bike locker, the process of choosing one can be tedious.

While choosing a bike locker, it is essential to pay heed to the following points:

1) Nature of Material

Depending upon the build, there are different variants available in the market. You can choose between wood, plastic, and metal. However, it's easy to break into and damage wood and plastic, thus diluting a locker's need. Metal lockers, preferably steel, provide much-needed protection from damage caused by external factors such as theft and climate. Metal meshes and enclosures are also tough and durable. They're resistant to tampering, and the stronghold is a huge plus point.

2) Type of Locks

While investing in a great locker, you need to be aware of the locking mechanism. Advancements in technology have led to various options ranging from the numbered panels to the digital displays enabled by a touchscreen. You can decide on the lock depending upon your frequency of usage and its vitality as a whole.

3) Mode of Installation

Many lockers aren't pre-assembled and require installation after delivery. It is necessary to assess the surrounding area to know which lockers are suitable for your space. The units can vary in shape and size and depending upon the convenience of the installation method. You can decide which arrangement suits you the best.

4) Dimensions

So many locker types exist today, varying in shape from a rectangular unit to pie-shaped designs. Hence, it is better to know the locker's dimensions and match them with the corresponding space measurements. You are in a better place when you know if the unit is the right size and fit for your storage place.

5) Price

Though it is not a conscious decision, a product's price certainly affects the purchase, especially if you're on a tight budget. It would help if you were confident of the price estimate, and depending upon the rest of the factors, such as the storage space and related attributes, you can make the purchase. Clarity about the budget and high regard for quality is essential for finalizing the buyer's decision.

6) Essential Attributes

Every locker comes with a list of features regardless of the size and tensile strength of the product. They include the integration of the roof, flooring, and walls in the basic structure. These details fit into the security aspect, while certain features are related to the design element. They include the colour, logos, stickers, and so forth, which impart a custom-made look to the product.

Are You Ready to Invest in a Bike Locker?

If the above list could boost your confidence, then you're good to go, and it's time to invest in the best.

After a careful analysis of all of the above factors, you can choose wisely and rest easy.

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