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6 Ways to Make your Staff Room Lockers Stylish

A storage locker is one of the most effective ways to bring about organization and discipline to a surrounding that is bound to be loaded with many things. An organization is one such place that would witness a plethora of files, folders, documents, personal belongings of the employees, electronic and the list would go on. When you have a staff room locker, you make it easy for the employees to store things with utmost convenience.

How to Make The Staff Room Lockers Look Stylish and Highly Functional?

How about making this storage solution convenient yet stylish! Sounds interesting, isn't it? Well, let me walk you through a few effective ways in which you can make the staff room's storage options stylish and highly functional. Read on to find out.

Staff Lockers

1. Splash of all the right colors

Colors are one of the most important and manipulative elements that could be considered for adding style to lockers for staff rooms. From dark to light to eccentrically vibrant colors; you have a variety to choose from. It is always a good option to choose colors that help in uplifting the beauty of the entire room. You can consider investing in light or subtle colors to give a spacious look to the surroundings, whereas dark colors should be used in moderate quantity otherwise it may dull out the entire room. Also, bright colors could be considered to bring a vibrant look to the surroundings. You can go with colorful storage options to give a more funky or peppy look to the surroundings .

2. An element of personalization

An element of personalization is always an appreciable conduct for your staff members. Getting the company's logo printed on the storage option or choosing colors that reflect the company's logo are a few ways in which you can add an element of personalization. When you brand your storage solutions, the staff members will feel good when they would be accessing their respective lockers in the staff room.

3. Choose lockers that are convenient to use

You will come across a wide range of storage options that can be efficiently picked as per your needs and requirements. Do you have very limited space? You can consider investing in cube and quarto lockers. Wish to deploy a high-security storage solution? You can consider the wire mesh lockers. These storage solutions make it easy to keep an eye on the things that are being stored in it. The list would vary as per your requirements. Also, you get the freedom to choose locking mechanisms that strictly adhere to the organization's security standards and convenience. Hence, make a choice that not only resembles with your requirements but also generously contributes to making the locker room stylish.

4. Attractive designs to consider

You can make the staff room interesting by putting in some designs on the storage options. If the material is of wood then you get beautiful carvings on it, enhancing the aesthetics of the surroundings. You can very well experiment with the different shapes and styles that would generously contribute to the room's decor.

5. Making use of the right locker accessories

Locker accessories are yet another important element that could be effectively used to style your lockers for staff rooms. Accessories here could refer to the sloping tops, lock and key lights, locker stands, bench frames and much more. Apart from these, you could also consider investing in storage options that would help the staff members to remain well-organized. Locker shelves, magnetic pen holder and many such accessories could be very well considered for making way to a well organized staff room storage solution.

6. Different material for a different look

A storage locker comes in a variety of materials. Plastic, wood, HDPE and metal are a few trending options that are being taken into consideration on a majority basis. If you wish to give a classic touch to the room, then wood lockers would be the perfect option to consider. You can achieve a more dapper or rather sharp look when you install metal or electronic storage solutions in the staff room. Apart from the look, you also need to keep in mind the climate and surroundings so that you do not end up with a messed up storage solution. If the climate is humid or the area where the lockers will be installed would be in constant contact with water, then it is advisable to avoid investing in wood lockers.


Above-mentioned are a few tried and tested methods which can be put to use when it comes to installing staff room storage solutions that are stylish in nature. Moreover, you can also create staff room storage solutions that have been tailor-made according to your needs and requirements. In addition to these, make sure that you arrange the storage options in such a manner that they do not obstruct space, light or ventilation. By doing so, you get to add convenience along with creating a style statement.

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