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7 Ways To Encourage Your Staff To Look After Their Respective Lockers

An office is a place where you will come across a plethora of humanity working their sleeves up to achieve a common goal. Apart from the individuals, you would also come across belongings that the employees would be carrying along with them or rather would be using in their day to day office activities. What if these things did not have a place of their own?

They would be lying here and there, making way for clutter on the premises. Needless to say, a cluttered office space will hamper the productivity as well as diminish the effectiveness of your organization's stature. The best solution to keep your office free from clutter and mess is to invest in a storage solution.

When you provide a definite place for your staff members to store their essentials you make way for a neat and well-disciplined office environment. Moreover, when you assign a staff lockers to your employees, you are not only providing them a place to store their belongings, but also making your organization an efficient place to work.


Talking about benefits, a staff locker :

  • Aces up the security of the surroundings
  • Makes way for a neat and clutter free surrounding
  • Helps in saving time, energy and money
  • Brings in an air of vibrancy
  • Helps in space utilization

These are some of the basic advantages that you will stumble upon investing in storage lockers for your staff members. These lockers are more than just a mere piece of storage solution. They bring in a sense of discipline, a carefree mind at work, an epitome of vibrancy, the perfect tool for a positive environment and much more. Having said this, your duty does not end with the purchase and installation, efforts should also be made to look after its sustenance. So, how to take care of these lockers? Or how to make your employees look after their respective lockers? Read on to find out about them.

7 Ways in which you can encourage your staff members to look after their respective lockers

Let me introduce you to the different ways through which you can encourage your staff members to maintain the dignity of the lockers that have been assigned with.

1. Bringing in a sense of awareness

A short seminar or a demo on how to look after the well-being of their respective staff locker will go a long way in achieving the desired results. A cluttered office will never be able to withhold productivity for times to come. How a neat and clean workplace will be able to provide a positive work environment should be effectively coached to the staff members. Also make them realize the fact that an unkempt locker will make it difficult to access the relevant things, wasting their time and energy in finding the necessary things.

2. Educating them with tips on cleanliness

An instruction manual that exhibits a detailed list of to do things to keep the locker clean should be articulated at a regular period of time. This will not only provide them an insight into the cleanliness regime, but will also play an important role in bringing about a sense of discipline. Moreover, you can also provide them with the necessary tools and equipment which can be used to clean their respective lockers.

3. Maintenance feedback programmes

Another important thing that you could indulge in is a maintenance feedback program. A feedback program is nothing but an awareness forum where the staff member is made aware as to how they have been doing so far in terms of maintaining the glory of their respective lockers and what more they could be doing to look after its maintenance. Just like the performance reports, these feedback programs will help to show the staff members on how they have been looking after their lockers.

4. Introducing staff locker rules

How about minting some rules and regulations on the usage of staff lockers? Sounds interesting, isn't it? When you pin up some rules and regulations, the staff members become alert on how to look after their respective lockers. Limiting the access to lockers, restrictions on storing things, segregating places for storing things according to importance, restrictions on storing food items, etc. would be some of the perfect rules that could be coined for the well-being of the lockers.

5. Provide necessary accessories

Locker organizers, very well known as locker accessories can be provided to not only increase the functionalities of their respective lockers, but would also play a major role in keeping their lockers neat and clean. Locker shelves, locker stands, hooks, magnets and locker boxes are to name but a few locker accessories that would help in acing up the functionalities of their respective locker.

6. Encourage competitions

Competition is one of the healthiest ways to encourage the staff members to take care of their lockers. When you conduct a competition, you would be assigning a definite portion of time where the employees can wholeheartedly look into tidying away their locker for which the best one would be handsomely rewarded.

7. Appreciate their efforts

Make efforts to appreciate those staff members who have walked the extra mile to keep the dignity of their respective lockers. Just as you make efforts to reward employees on the basis of their work performance do not forget to appreciate their efforts in matters other than work. Needless to say, when you reward a staff member it not only makes them feel good, but will also motivate other staff members to follow their footsteps.

Final Note

Installing a staff locker should not be the ultimate option rather sustaining their existence should play a pivotal role. Above-mentioned are some of the steps that will encourage your staff members to look after their respective lockers.

Moreover, when you are buying lockers for your staff make sure that you choose those that are coated with germ resistant paint so to avoid the transmission of germs in the office premises and extending its life shelf. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and follow these tips to improve the life shelf of your staff lockers.

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