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Benefits of Bedside Storage Lockers

Storage in hospitals is essential. Generally, we think of large cabinets and cupboards when we think about storage. But there are numerous other storage units in a hospital, including beds and trolleys. Nearly every usable thing has storage to facilitate the smooth functioning of a hospital's innumerable activities. Hospital lockers provide dual benefits: they serve as storage for medical staff and help the admitted patients store their belongings.

A bedside locker is a common sight in hospitals for it serves many purposes. It is counted as a piece of furniture with a very high utility. From personal belongings to medical reports, the bedside lockers are used to store a number of things. It is small compared to other storage devices in hospitals, but many benefits are associated with it.

1. Flexibility of movement

A hospital bed, on one thought, may appear to be one of the most stationary things in a hospital. We think that patients change and the bedroom stays there. On the contrary, most hospital beds are made movable. Many of them have wheels attached to them. In case of emergencies and critical patients, the bed is moved to a different location along with the patient. Both the bedside storage locker and bed have wheels keeping this practicality of usage in mind. The medical file, report, medicine, and belongings of the patient stay safe in the locker and with the patient even after moving them to a different location.

2. Ease of access

The bedside storage lockers are designed to make things easily accessible to everyone. Generally, there are multiple drawers in the locker to allow everyone to use it. The opening of every drawer is made wide enough to view what is kept inside and store large and small things. The drawers allow the user to stack up things in a very organized way. There also is a separate bracket for holding water bottles and other bottled medicine. These lockers are designed to provide easy access to every user, including the nurses, doctors, and patients. The height of the lockers is according to the height of the bed so that the patient can take out the belongings without any hassle.

3. Patient-specific design

The bedside storage locker stores many costly belongings that need to be safe even when no one is around. These lockers come in a variety of locks, keeping safety in mind. The lockers also come coated in anti-bacterial paint that allows the patient to store packed food for some time. The lockers are manufactured considering the sanity and hygiene required in the hospitals. These lockers are painted to avoid corrosion as a water bottle and other containers with liquid can be stored in them. The bedside lockers are manufactured, keeping every aspect of the patient's comfort in mind.

4. Good aesthetic look

Every component of a hospital is manufactured to suit the aesthetics of the hospital. The look of the locker is managed along with its functionality. The lockers are designed carefully to optimally use the allocated space and add uniformity to the area's overall look. The manufacturers consult the hospital representatives to finalize the design that provides a professional and modern look to the locker. Additional attention is paid to the height and width of the lockers to closely associate with the beds and merge in the aesthetics of the room. Hospitals have the choice to purchase readymade bedside lockers or get them customized.

Bedside lockers offer a lot to the hospital authorities and patients. These lockers are now included in the essentials. Its high utility in every hospital has compelled the manufacturers to introduce bedside lockers with ergonomic and modern designs. You can even find lockers with anti-bacterial, anti-scratch, and shock-resistant features. These lockers also come with attached tables, hangers, and racks which make them multi-purpose. All these features are infused to make the bedside lockers a furniture piece used in public spaces.

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