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How About Investing in Lockers For Your Staff Members?

A locker in the office premises would always be one of the best and most convenient forms of equipment that encourages coordination and discipline. Apart from organizing the important stuff, it also helps in safeguarding them so that the employees can work carefree. To be precise, the below points will highlight the advantages of a storage solution in the office premises.

Why you should invest in a staff locker?

  • You make way for a well-coordinated workplace
  • Ensure security of the belongings as well as the important files and folders
  • Lock away all the distractions
  • Make way for a spacious surrounding


A staff locker comes in various shapes, styles and textures, ensuring that the world of choices does not remain elusive from the corporate world. An office is a place that echoes solemness and pinning down a locker could be one of the most mind wrecking task as you have to take into consideration a lot of things while making the right choice. Let me introduce you to a list of things that when taken into consideration help you with the best storage solution.

5 Things to be taken care of before selecting a locker

1. The capacity of the locker

Decide upon the size and shape of the locker that you would be wanting to go for. If you know well in advance the size of the locker that you would like to invest in, things become more clear and convenient.This would also save you from future inconveniences that may result from a mismatched locker size and shape, getting hard to fit in the available space.

2. What features will it be accompanied with?

Talking about features, you need to decide as to which type of material you would like to go for, what type of lock should it be accompanied by, how durable should it be and many such queries need to be well answered before you finalize the features that your lockers would be coated with.

3. How much money needs to be spent?

Another important factor that will help you to get the right choice is to decide the amount of money that you are ready to dole out. This will help you to streamline your choices and make it easy for you to select the right product.

4. The volume

Volume here refers to the number of lockers that you would like to invest in. By taking into consideration the approximate quantity of locker that would be needed, you avoid ending up with lockers that might be more than or less than the required quantity.

5. Where do you want to hunt?

From where to get the Lockers for your staff is another question that needs to be cleverly answered. You can buy from a store or from an auction or through the online platform or go for a second-hand option. Each of these choices has their own set of benefits and limitations. If you are planning to buy lockers from the online platform, then do pay a visit at Shelving Store and get the chance to lay your hands on a wide range of storage solutions that stands true to its standards.

At Shelving Store, you will stumble upon a variety of lockers that you could use to grace your office premises. Having said this, we have a wide range of locker collection for your staff that differs in color, shape and size. As we have displayed all the products on the online platform, some find it difficult to understand the product in detail. Keeping this in mind, we have attached a PDF with each and every product on our site. This PDF contains a detailed description of the product, making your online shopping convenient.

Adding a splash of creativity to your office environment with lockers

    • An office premise is ever coated with sophistication and rigidity. How can a locker make much of a difference to the decor? Well, choosing the right locker goes a long way in adding a splash of dynamism to the office atmosphere. You could start by experimenting with some bold yet delectable choices of colors for your staff lockers. Experiment with eccentric yet elegant textures. This would help to bring in an air of positivist to your surroundings.

    • Apart from this, you could also add a sense of professionalization to all the lockers by getting the logo of the company imprinted on it. To make it even more interesting, you can coat all your locker with those colors that resemble the company's logo. This way you can add a personal touch to the office decor.

    • Consider investing in stack able modular lockers for your staff. If you are in a business that expands slowly over time, then investing in a stack able locker would be one of the creative yet economic choices that should not be given a miss. As and when the staff expands all you need to do is go on stacking the lockers one above the other. At the same time if you do not need them all you have to do is just transfer the excess, making way for some more space.

  • You can consult an interior designer for decking up your office premises that dutifully include lockers for your staff. An interior designer will be able to craft a beautiful decor for the office that emotes a strong sense of professionalism along with imbibing a splash of creativity to the decor.

How about investing in some locker accessories?

Not to forget the little things that could be used to ace up the functionalities of your big lockers. There may be times when you think that investing in lockers would be more than enough. Have you thought about investing in locker accessories? Well, these accessories will help to augment the functionalities of the lockers, making it even more convenient for your staff members. To name a few : diagonal locker dividers, locker slope hoods, locker panels, locker mirrors, locker boxes and lockers shelves play an important role in augmenting the functionalities of a locker.

Final Note

A staff locker is one of the most important equipment that a company should not miss out on. An employee feels happy to work with an organization that loves to walk the extra mile when it comes to taking care of their needs. Make them more valued by taking their opinions on the type of locker that you would like to invest in, the color, the pattern, etc. and many such considerations that need to be adhered to before going for a staff locker.

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