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The Journey of a Storage Locker !

A steel body, 72"height, 12"width , 20" dimension – This is the best way in which I can describe myself. You have absolutely guessed it correctly ! I am a storage locker and my main duty is to provide space to all the things so as to make them feel protected. I have many brothers and sisters out in the market as lockers for storage who are all distributed at the required places quite efficiently. I come in different shapes and styles, all ready to accumulate your belongings, giving you a good space and surrounding.

Whether it is to store your clothes, utensils, day to day utilities, books, electronic items I am more than happy to provide you the required space. All these things find solace in my abode. I am more than happy to contribute in keeping the surrounding clean and clutter free. I am found in schools, offices, home, library, gym and many such places where there are legions of things that requires to be arranged in order to provide a clutter free environment.

High quality lockers for storage is of utmost importance when it comes to having a space for storing away the day to day utilities.


Let me take you through the journey of a storage locker that lives in a school. A school is a place where you can find children who are a powerhouse of energy. They have a lot of books and things that needs to be carried around giving them knowledge and some life experiences. One of the life lessons that they need to learn is how to maintain things in lockers for storage.

There are times when they throw away their books into me. There are some students who ardently clean up the things that they store in me and there are some students who just don't bother whether I am cluttered up with things or not. There are times when I am poorly handled that causes scratches and dent on me due to careless handling and I remain in such a stature for days until the school management finds the need to get me repaired.

Everyone loves to be decorated and adorned with accessories that makes them stand out with a personality of their own. Even I like it when students take efforts in decorating me with fancy things and accessories that makes me stand out in the crowd. Mornings are begun by the students slowly coming in with the whole day in front of them awaiting their presence. As soon the bell rings I find the footsteps all nearing towards me, the quickly opening of my door, taking out the required material and banging the doors – when they are in a hurry to get to their respective classes.

I also witness a lot of gossips that are promised not to be told to anyone. From pens to books to even biscuits and other eatables, photos, mirrors, wall hangings and many such things could be found under my shelter. The day ends at 6 pm, where the students are all gleaming with joy to return back home leaving their burden in my abode. I slowly progress towards a silence that suddenly has engulfed the entire school building. I wait quite patiently for the day, to begin with the slowly increasing footsteps that again takes me through the entire day's journey.

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