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Why Do You Need A Plastic Locker For Your Outdoor Storage

There is hardly any locker type that can be exposed and used as an outdoor storage unit, except Plastic lockers. The lockers made of plastic are generally used in environments unfriendly to traditional metal lockers. Generally, storage lockers made of plastic are very useful in soggy environments such as the area near the swimming pool, gyms, spa, hospital, fisheries, airport, water theme parks, schools, food processing factories and more. They are also made use of to store sports equipment, playground equipment. The plastic lockers do not have deteriorating effects of warping and rusting due to any application and are corrosion-proof, dent resistant, secure, and waterproof..

Features Of Plastic Lockers

The vast range of styles and colors also makes these plastic made lockers the manufacturer best friend because they can be complemented or customized for any kind of interior decor you desire. Nowadays plastic is a great resource compared to the conventional dreary, discolored, and oftentimes oxidized metal lockers of the past. Moreover, extreme plastic lockers are hassle-free alternative Heavy-duty plastic lockers are a hassle-free choice, as they require no maintenance of oiling or repainting as metal lockers do. In fact, all they need is a rapid wipe-down to eliminate any filth or dust, and make them look as good as new.

Plastic Storage lockers are coated with an antibacterial additive called Active Coat that fights the growth of mold, yeast and MRSA, making them a low-maintenance and hygienic alternative. Furthermore, visually, plastic lockers tend to be far more eye-catching than their metal equivalent. These units come in an assortment of bright colors, with various door options and size combinations so you can without difficulty build a storage solution that is custom-made for you.

Common Places Where Plastic Lockers Are Used

Leisure Centers And Amusement Parks:

A lot of fitness center, spa, and holiday parks have a wide variety of outdoor sporting gear which their clients can use during hot, cold months. However, it can often be problematic to store these types of large sporting supplies during chillier, rainier months. Opportunely, by using outdoor Plastic storage lockers you can systematically store all of this equipment inside a strong, impermeable unit that will stop your costly equipment from rusting and becoming dented when not in use.

Oil Field

The oil rig workers need fast and effortless access to their work supplies every time. However, the hostile weather conditions can cause a lot of damage to this vital oil rig equipment if it’s not stored in a safe and protected way. For these reasons, outdoor storage lockers of plastic can be very useful because their strong, high-grade steel structures and welded front frames can endure all types of industrial environments.

Schools & Colleges

A lot of educational institutes wish to encourage ecologically friendly practices to their students, such as cycling to and from the institute, but absence of the essential storage facilities to securely house all of their students cycling equipment. Therefore, plastic bike racks and storage canopies which have UV resistant poly carbonate curved roofs and can be single or double door to help with a more compact storage space. So, these kinds of outdoor units enable both students and staff to store all of their indispensable outdoor equipment in a secure, tidy and durable manner.

Wash-Down Zones

If you own a company that manufactures food, liquid refreshment or medicines, or if your business practices include the operation of agricultural or industrial machinery, then you would require a sufficient wash-down space with continuous access to strenuous cleaning tools. Regardless of their effectiveness and usefulness, this type of cleaning equipment can be clumsy and needs to be stored in a clean, secure location, where it’ll be safe from robbery and contaminants. Per se, outdoor plastic storage lockers can provide your business with a reasonable way of extending the lifespan of your wash-down equipment. In rain, wind, snow or shine, the impermeable finish of these plastic lockers, in combination with their waterproof door seals, will safeguard your costly high-pressure cleaning equipment from the loss at all times.

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