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8 Basic Things a Student Can Store in Their High School Lockers

High school, middle school or primary school – lockers should be considered as an inevitable part of the academic growth and development. A locker in the school premises does not only contribute as a storage system, but also proves to instill some important qualities in a student's life. From being responsible to learning the art of managing time; primary school, middle school and high school lockers have many benefits attached to it. Apart from this, it also encourages a crime-free campus which is essential to creating a safe environment for the students. The aforementioned were the advantages of installing a locker in the school premises. Now, let me take you through a few things that a high school student is allowed to store in their respective lockers. Read on to find out about them.

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Things a student is allowed to store in their respective school locker :

1. Study materials :

The primary reason for installing a locker in the school premises is to provide a space to store all the study materials that the students are deemed to carry along with them. By storing all the study materials inside the locker a student need not carry heavy backpacks. This allows them to concentrate better as they have locked away all their distractions inside the locker. Apart from this, when a student has a locker to store their materials, they get to learn a lot of things that are more important than the academic education. Time-management, discipline, responsibility and accountability are some of the qualities that could be taught with the help of a school locker.

2. School supplies :

Apart from books, school supplies are also an important amenity that every school student should be owning. A locker is one of the best places where you can store pens, pencils, files, folders, charts, posters and many such supplies that would prove to be useful during your academic year. Moreover, you could also consider storing your art supplies, items for decoration and various other petty things. Stock up all the necessary school supplies well in advance so that you do not have to beg and borrow when you run out of these supplies. Without proper school supplies, you could end up distracting yourself from what is being taught in the class. Also, care should be taken that you ward off all the obsolete or not in use school supplies, least they create clutter in the locker.

3. Food items :

There are students who believe in having home cooked food, hence making them carry their own lunch boxes which is ultimately stored in the locker. High school students love indulging in food items, especially fast foods. When storing food items in the locker, certain precautions should be taken so that you do not invite those tiny pesky creatures. Do not store open food packets or food items that could easily attract ants and other tiny creatures. Be it a fruit or any cooked food item, make sure that they are neatly packed before you store them in the locker.

4. Electronic devices :

Electronic devices are yet another important belongings that a student is allowed to store inside the locker, provided the school permits the use of electronic devices. Here the electronic devices refer to cell phones and laptops. With blended learning emerging as the most popular trends in education, students are sometimes mandated to carry their laptops. Here a school locker plays an important role in looking after these electronic devices. One of the main reasons for instilling a locker in the campus is to create a secure and theft-free environment. Hence, by storing these expensive electronic devices, a student can easily keep themselves away from the distractions that could have been caused due to fear of theft or being misplaced.

5. Locker accessories :

A locker organizer comprises of all the things that are used to increase the functionality of the locker along with its aesthetics. A locker carpet, magnetic locker mirror, locker shelf, various locker supplies, magnetic caddy, a small calendar, etc. are some of the options that could be considered for increasing a locker's functionalities. A high school student can generously store these accessories inside their respective lockers to maintain a level of organization.

6. Sports items :

Students love indulging in games. How about allowing them to carry their own set of sports accessories or materials so that they can play after school hours? Here sports items include, badminton rackets, balls, indoor games and sports shoes to name but a few. When the students have all the necessary items for playing sports or outdoor activities, things become a lot easier and convenient for them. Therefore a student is allowed to store sports items for their convenience.

7. Clothes and other accessories :

What if the students have a swimming class after the school hours? They would have to go all the way home to fetch their swimsuits. With a school locker in the premises, they get the privilege to store the clothes and accessories which are essential for taking part in certain activities. Moreover, they could also use their locker to store winter boots, coats, umbrella and many such accessories that could be of much help during extreme weather conditions.

8. Personal items :

Harmless personal items such as a student's diary, photographs, etc. could also be stored inside the locker. A student does have the tendency to carry things other than the books and school supplies. Moreover, a student is also accompanied by cash and storing them in the locker. By doing so, they would be able to evade the thoughts of their cash being stolen, allowing them to concentrate on their studies. Hence, these personal items could very well be stored in the locker so that they need not carry them wherever they go.

Final Note :

The aforementioned are some of the basic yet useful things that a high school student is deemed to store in their respective lockers. Moreover, the management has every right to keep an eye on the things that high school lockers can freely accommodate within itself. This practice impends the students to storing illegal, highly expensive or disturbing things inside their respective lockers.

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