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9 Ideas For Innovative Storage Solutions in The School Premises

Ideas For School Lockers A locker in the school premises has not only become a fundamental investment, but also an important medium that teaches some of the greatest life lessons. Independence, discipline, accountability, responsibility, security and respect are some of the qualities that a locker manages to teach the students.

Why not make this piece of furniture innovative and aesthetically pleasing so as to make it worth the investment? Talking about interesting ideas you have a lot many options available in the world of storage solution. Let me walk you through some of the innovative Ideas For School Lockers that can be used to grace your school premises. Read on to find out about them.Ideas For Bringing Innovation to Your School Storage Lockers
Here is a list of effective ideas to bring in an element of innovation in the school premises.

1. Making use of accessories :

Diagonal locker dividers, sloping tops, stands, shelves, magnetic pen holder, magnetic hooks and stack-able organizers are some of the examples of accessories that can be extensively used for creative storage solution. Make the best use of these accessories to not only increase the locker's functionalities, but also to make way for an innovative storage solution. In addition to this, the accessories will also help you to own a school premise that is well maintained.

2. Making use of cube lockers :

The cube lockers are one of the cutest storage ideas that can be used to bring in innovation to the school premises. These types of storage solutions are generally allocated to kindergarten or primary school students. Also, if you are struggling with space you could stack these lockers one above the other or as per your requirements.

3. Investing in colorful storage solution :

How about bringing in a level of vibrancy in your school premises? Sounds interesting, isn't it? Do not hesitate to choose some of the most vibrant colors when it comes to buying a storage solution. Yellow, green, blue, orange and purple are some of the colors that can be opted for the storage solution. This storage solution could either be for your students or the staff members, let them all be splashed with an ode of vibrancy, which in turn would foster innovation in your school premises.

4. Investing in space optimizing storage options :

The standard storage lockers can be very well replaced with mobile shelving and POD. These storage solutions could perfectly fit on those premises that have space constraints. Mobile shelving can be used in school libraries to make the best use of available space. The POD lockers can be judiciously allocated to students and staff members for storing their belongings. Apart from saving space, these lockers play an important role in bringing about a sense of innovation.

5. Letting out creativity on the lockers :

Let creativity see its existence in each and every students' storage locker. You can very well conduct a locker decorating competition on the premises. This will give a chance to all the students to display creativity in their respective lockers. Be it the sticky notes or the wallpapers or the magnets, the students have a variety of decorative options to plunge into. Also, you can extend this concept of creativity to all the lockers that have been allocated to the staff members.

6. Branding the locker :

How about getting the school's logo printed on the lockers? This will give a sense of personalization, apart from enriching the school premises. You can either opt for printing the school's logo on each and every locker or choose colors that reflect the logo. You could go for both options in case you wish to heighten the level of personalization.

7. Installing wire mesh lockers on the premises :

Wire mesh lockers are also an important storage option that could be considered to bring in a dash of innovation. Furthermore, the management can also keep an eye on what the students are storing, maintaining a level of security in the school premises. Apart from storing personal belongings of the students, these lockers can also be used to keep all the sports equipment that the school has to offer to its students. Moreover, a wire mesh locker in the school premises would definitely contribute to acing up the level of creativity.

8. Customize as per your needs and requirements :

Get a storage solution that has been perfectly tailor-made as per your needs and requirements. Customize your storage solutions with an element of creativity in it. Be it with colors, texture, shape or functionality, modify the storage solution as per your requirements. Leave no stone upturned when it comes to crafting a school premise with an innovative tailor-made storage solution.

9. A systematic way of arranging and coordinating :

When you have all the things neatly placed in their respective lockers, you manage to create clutter-free surroundings. This practice has to be exercised not only among the students, but also among the staff members. All these attributes indirectly contribute to an innovative storage solution on the school premises.

Final Note :
Innovation and education are the two most important resources that you will find on the school premises. Let these qualities be reflected not only in books but also in the furniture and the school premises. Having said this, the above-mentioned are some of the Ideas For School Lockers that is bound to reflect innovation in the premises.

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