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Are You Planning to Replace Your School Locker

There comes a time when tangible goods start deteriorating over the years and demand a replacement. School lockers, one of the tangible goods, is an important amenity that a school provides to its students.

Some believe that it is a one-time investment, so why replace it? A question to be pondered upon.

Now, there arises a situation when a school locker demands a replacement. What are those? Read on to find out about them.

1 Tier Overlay Laminate School Locker

Signs that trigger the need to replace a school locker

1. The rust

When there is too much of rusting on the lockers, the call for a cure or a replacement creeps in. A rusted locker not only spoils the aesthetics but can also prove to be harmful to the students if they hurt themselves.

2. The dents

The dent is yet another prominent reason that could motivate the management to replace their old-school Lockers with a more dynamic one. The deeper the dents the more inconvenience it would cause to the students and hence demands to be replaced.

3. Too much graffiti to handle

A locker in the school premises is prone to rough handling and graffiti that when not kept in check would result in too much of graffiti over a period of time. Too much of graffiti affects not only the look but also the security of the school lockers, that results in a replacement.

4. Wear and tear becomes irreversible

When a school locker has a major amount of wear and tear, which has undergone repairs and renovation a lot many time, the need to replace intensifies.

5. The need to add vibrancy to the school premises

Sometimes the need to scrap out the old traditional look of the school premises boosts the urge to replace your school locker. The market out there has a variety of options available that helps in bringing about a vibrant look to the surroundings.

What to do with the old school locker?

When you have reinvested in school lockers you always end up with the question as to what to do with the old ones. Well, here are a few options that you could consider with your old-school lockers.

    • Storing old things always results in a collection of a lot of scrap at the end of the year hence it is always wise to give it away. You can make use of a reliable auction website to sell your used school locker.

    • Another thing that you could do is give them to someone who needs them at absolutely free of cost. Donate them and relieve yourself from the burden of piling up clutter.

  • A metal scrap dealer to the rescue. Contact your nearest metal junk dealer and get yourself off the burden of storing away old school locker. These junk dealers would take away the lockers for absolutely free of cost and in some cases, they even pay you as per the recent steel prices, provided the lockers are made of steel.

Things to consider before you reinvest in a school locker

After having a look at why you need to replace and what to do with the old school lockers let me take you through a list of things that need to be kept in mind before you reinvest in a school locker. Read on to find out about them.

1. The first and foremost thing that you should be taken into consideration is the intensity of the need to replace a school locker. Let there be a strong justification for a reinvestment in school lockers.

2. Consider the various options available in the market. The type of material, the texture of the locker, the design and color should all be well planned. Choose bright colors for bringing in a splash of vibrancy to the school premises.

3. The next thing to be considered is whether you want to go for a fresh option or a refurbished one. Both the choices have their own set of pros and cons, streamline your requirements and accordingly make a choice.

4. The number of lockers is yet another important point that cannot be given a miss. Make a rough estimate of the number of students and accordingly pin down the quantity of school locker that would grace the school premises.

5. The place where a locker would find its existence should also be decided well in advance. This will give an idea about the size and quantity of lockers that should be purchased.

6. Last but not the least would be the budget factor. Have a ballpark figure of the amount that you would like to invest in a locker and accordingly pin down your choices.

Final Note

Replacing a school locker is indeed a time-consuming task but the results would be worth the efforts. If the school lockers are causing more harm than good then it is a clear indication for a replacement. Put down your needs and requirements and accordingly choose the best school locker for your students.

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