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How To Clean Your School Locker In Just 7 Easy Steps?

Do you own a school locker that is all messed up? Every time when you open the door do you encounter a landslide of mess coming towards you? If yes, then you need to clean out your locker at the earliest. Read on to find out a few steps that when taken into consideration will make you own a locker that is extremely elegant to use.

Well, this blog will help you in cleaning the mess that could otherwise have created discomfort and chaos in the long run.


7 Steps to organize your school lockers

1. Start with a plan :

With a proper plan, you get to understand the direction of your actions. If you are limited by time plan out things so that you do not find the need to rush or end up with the half done process. You can start by allotting a definite time to each and every section of the locker so that you do not end up with only half of the locker cleaned up.

2. Use the right tool :

Anti-bacterial wipes, a dust cloth or an anti-bacterial solution could do wonders. Start dusting the inside of the locker after emptying your locker. It would do wonders if you could clean it with anti-bacterial wipes. If you do not have anti-bacterial wipes you can take a clean cloth and spray some anti-bacterial solution for the final wiping of your locker.

3. Segregate things :

Give some time to let your locker dry. Meanwhile, what you can do is segregate the things that you would not be using, things that have become trash and things that would be used later. This will impend you from taking the trash to the locker again.

4. Time to organize :

Once you have finished with the cleaning process the next step would be to put back all the things in an organized manner. Make best use of locker accessories to space out things that give an ode to functionality. Hooks, locker shelves, a magnetic caddy, etc. are some of the accessories that you could lay your hands on when it comes to increasing the functionality of the locker. In future, you need not hunt around for things as they are all properly placed in such a manner that they are just at an arm's reach. Talking about accessories the management can provide some of the basic accessories to the students, which could be bought along with the school lockers online.

5. Keep away the odor :

Want to keep the odor away? Baking soda to the rescue. Take a small quantity of baking soda, tie it in a piece of cloth and keep it inside the locker. This will keep away all the bad odor making your locker smell fresh. So next time you open the door you won't be welcomed by any unpleasant smell.

6. Personalize your locker :

Locker wallpapers, carpets, magnetic locker mirror, colorful tapes, etc are some of the accessories that could be put to some creative use. By making use of these ornaments you could deck up your locker.

7. Uphold the dignity :

After you have arranged your locker, the next step would be to look after its maintenance. When you are using your recently spruced up locker make sure that you put back things where they belong to so that it remains organized. This will help you in maintaining a well-polished locker for times to come.

Final Note :

Above-mentioned are some of the steps that will make you the owner of a hygienic and well-maintained school locker. Investing in school lockers online or from the traditional store should not be the only concern of the management, rather they should also encourage the students to look after its maintenance for extending the shelf life of the lockers.

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