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How to Get Hold of the Perfect School Locker Storage Solutions?

In the twenty-first century, the security of your students’ belongings is just as important as their own. Whether you are looking forward to installing new storage lockers in your primary school or remodelling the existing ones, it is always important to keep track of the vast range in lockers and their relevant accessories available in the market. Here are the top tips to keep in mind while buying the perfect locker storage system.

What Should Be The Appropriate Material of Your Locker?

School lockers are namely made of plastic, metal or they are laminated, with each type having its own pros and cons. If you are looking for lockers that need to be kept outdoors, like parks or fields, it is best to go for plastic because it is unaffected by moisture. On the other hand, laminated locker storages are better suited for indoor usage, such as at the school corridors. Due to their solid grade laminated doors, they stand the test of time and cannot be easily dented or scratched. Laminated lockers are costlier than plastic ones.

How many Compartments Do You Need?

Is a single door locker good to go for each student or do you need multiple compartments? Although the latter is more space-efficient, you should keep in mind that it will also deprive your students of having hanging space or storing larger items such as sports equipment. While high-level single door lockers are ideal for schools with less student strength, multiple door lockers can be useful in storing smaller items like books, electronics, etc.

Are The School Lockers Suitable in Size?

Size is another very important aspect to consider while buying the locker system for your school. School lockers mainly come in three sizes- cube, low or high. The right size that your students need depends both on their age and the amount of stuff that they need to store. While cube lockers are durable, can be connected as required and come in three size options, low school lockers are ideal for kids up to the age of eight years. On the other hand, high school lockers come in eight size options and have the highest storage space out of the three. Without consuming too much floor space, they are an economic way to increase vertical storage.

Are Simple Non-Charging Lockers Ample For Your School?

Most students need their laptops these days for making, storing and working on the soft copies of their projects and assignments. It is not convenient or safe for them to carry laptops around all the time- so, it is better to have school locker storage solutions that can do this job. You can avail simple non-charging lockers or special lockers that contain a laptop charging port. Students can also securely charge their mobile phones or iPad here. The latter can come at an extra cost but it proves to be a good investment.

Is The School Locker Blending Well With The Rest of The Hall?

Before you rush into choosing locker storage for your school, make sure that its colour and disposition resonates well with the ethos of the hall itself. As a matter of fact, you should also measure the dimensions of the room precisely and match them with the locker to be carted with your online seller. You can either do all this tallying yourself or can request a free site survey by your seller’s experts. A more flexible choice in the main body colour of school locker storage solutions is provided by laminate lockers rather than plastic ones. On the other hand, plastic locker doors can come in many colours like red, blue, yellow and grey.

Do You Go For Inset Doors or Overlay Doors?

One of the bigger challenges includes choosing between inset doors or overlay doors to cover the lockers. Inset doors are basically heavy-duty doors that feature strong hinges and are more durable. Although their metal frame skeletons are visible externally, their robustness makes them a more suitable option for installing in primary schools where hooliganism is common. On another hand, overlay doors are stylish, modern and more contemporarily designed. The metal frame is well hidden and overlays can be a good choice if you’re thinking of installing wall lockers. They are less secure though.

Are the School Lockers Safe and Easy to Use?

It is always important to keep in mind that the lockers are going to be used by kids who are usually hasty and not always careful. Make sure that the school locker storage solutions don’t have any sharp edges or jutting tops. Plus, the lockers must also be regularly greased, polished and protected from rust. They not only keep the students’ belongings safe but also start bestowing them with a sense of responsibility and independence at an early age. Therefore, keep in mind their needs and your own discretion while buying the perfect locker system for your school for a happy buying!

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