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5 benefits of staff lockers for your business

If you own a business and have employees working for you, investing in staff lockers is a great investment for many reasons. Lockers can offer businesses and staff members a number of benefits, beyond just providing them with secure storage. Here are our top 5 benefits of having staff lockers for your business.

Staff Lockers

Staff lockers increase security

One of the biggest advantages of having staff lockers is increased security. A lot of workplaces offer safe storage facilities such as drawers and cabinets, however if a few employees are sharing the same unit, privacy and security may be an issue. Personal lockers which come with keys provide a convenient solution to this problem, since each employee will be able to access their locker easily without worrying about anyone else coming in contact with their belongings.

Lockers such as anti theft vision panel lockers are perfect for keeping staff belongings safe and secure. These staff lockers have a clear panel in the front of each door, so that the contents can be clearly viewed from the outside without it needing to be opened and searched. Employees know that any theft can be easily spotted, so it acts as an effective deterrent.

Store files and work equipment

As well as being able to keep your valuable equipment safe from theft, employees who are able to store their files and work items at the office will find their work much more manageable. This in turn will allow them to spend more time focusing on their job and less time looking for items.

Our standard steel lockers are manufactured with steel bodies and steel doors and are suitable for most workplace and across a wide range of industries. They are available from a 1 compartment unit up to a 16 compartment.

Keep the workplace tidy

Another benefit of staff lockers is that they keep your workspace tidy. Keeping your office and workstation area clean is imperative for maintaining good mental health and productivity at work. Having a designated staff locker enables employees to maintain a clean and tidy working environment.

Office Staff Lockers

Staff lockers improve organisation

Keeping your staff members’ belongings in order can be a major challenge. Having a separate area where you can store your files and personal items can really help improve the way you organise your business. Not to mention, it can help you stay on top of your tasks.

Today, almost every employee relies on several different devices to get them through the day. We provide a vast range of personal effect lockers which are an ideal way of providing secure storage for small items such as keys, wallets, phones, iPads and laptops, whilst keeping a tidy, organised office space.

Boosts the efficiency of your business

How many hours do you waste each day looking for things in your office or workspace? Having poor organisation costs time, which is why having staff lockers can boost the efficiency of your business. By storing all your work and personal items in staff lockers, you can more easily access them when needed. Stationery, laptops, and documents are always at hand without the worry of losing them.

Finding the right staff lockers for you

Staff lockers can be a great way to store your office supplies, keep personal items secure and keep your workplace organised. At Shelving Store we will work with you to find the best solution for your business. Contact 01244 660839 or email support@shelvingstore.co.uk to find out more.

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