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The importance of staff lockers as a difference maker to office premises

As the distance between home and workplace steps up with the simultaneous enhanced working hours, it becomes essential to give the staff a welcoming atmosphere. One such way can be by catering staff lockers for office so that the staff has enough space to store essential materials instead of piling it on their desk. We have listed all the key reasons and they are as below:

  • Safety has to be the topmost priority

Mental peace is of utmost value while working. Employees can definitely not deliver their best by going through a constant fear that their expensive mobile phones or wallets could be stolen, or confidential documents misplaced, or may land in wrong hands. Once a dedicated locker is provided to the staff, they can be carefree by storing the valuables in it. It also conveys to the staff that their privacy is being respected and catered to. The size and type of lockers will however depend on the position and the type of staff job.

  • Things could be systematically arranged with ease

A productive workplace is inevitable to run a business. Staff lockers safeguards this interest as the items are classified and stored accordingly in an organized manner. This allows the documents, stationery, etc be easily available at any point of time without much waste of time and avoids the office running into a chaos.

  • Very much useful in an open office setting

As the price of physical space is shooting up, the offices are optimizing the space by reducing the dedicated desk space or having a flexible desk or not having a desk at all! In such a scenario, the lockers play an important role. Private staff lockers become the reason to feel secured about their job even without having their own desk. This even ensures that the staff stores only the most essential of items rather than piling up the desk with unwanted materials.

  • Protection from theft, fire, etc

At any given point, if the valuables are lying in the open, they could be subjected to theft which may lead to an environment of distrust and insecurity. In such a case, the employees will one by one leave their job and the business would ruin. Certain lockers also provide safety against natural calamities like fire, etc which will help keep the valuables intact.

With all the above criteria satisfied, lockers ultimately lead to having an impeccable office which impresses your clients leading to even greater business opportunities.

What criteria be considered before selecting the staff lockers?

  • Type of business

The type of locker would differ for manufacturing and for a service sector as the former would require the lockers to hold heavy and expensive on field equipments of the staff while the latter would require critical documents to be safeguarded. The design of the lockers related to material, safety level would be based on the above.

  • Type of Staff/Job role

The lockers would differ as the position of staff differs as the responsibility differs with job description of the staff. The locker should suffice their job requirement.

  • Type of location

The manufacturing site would be an open environment which may be subjected more to fire breakouts or any other hazardous attacks; thereby a stronger and bigger locker would be necessary. If the office is in the midst of a residential area, the risks may be lesser comparatively and thereby a smaller locker with average strength would be just fine.

  • Types of lockers

Depending on the worth of the valuables to be stored, the lockers may range in the categories of:

  1. Electronic safe: These types of lockers are built with technology which guarantees safety and are even pry resistant. These lockers require special codes to open so are almost impossible to barge into. Some are secured by thumb print as well and so only the person who is responsible can open the safe. That’s the reason these safes are useful in office for keeping valuable documents, expensive gadgets and currencies.
  2. Multiple lockers with a lock and key: Many offices have multiple lockers in the form of a cabinet that allows employees to store or safeguard their valuables.
  3. Movable metal lockers: The locker is built of hard aluminum metal ensuring safety of contents kept inside. Such type of lockers are generally used for storing company’s valuable files or other documents. These lockers have durable power coated finish and even resists marring and chipping. It has small rollers which move 360 degrees enabling easy movement inside the office.
  4. Cost effective plastic lockers: The lockers are made of high grade plastic material and have highly equipped locking system ensuring safety from theft and pilferage. The lockers are pretty cost effective as compared to the metal base.
  5. Digital lockers: These types of key less lockers are the latest and popular choice for offices which have challenging atmosphere.  The cabinet lockers have key less access wherein you just need to type four digit code, it’s locked and you can go.

  • Budget

The company’s board should fix a budget for staff lockers for office and should adhere to it.

What should be taken into consideration before deciding on the supplier of the lockers?

  • Knowledge

A locker manufacturer if knowledgeable can suggest the best type of staff lockers for office as per your requirements so that your time and money would not be wasted.

  • Varieties of products

The varieties will help you choose the best ones suited for your need instead of bounding you to just ones available with the manufacturer.

  • Warranty/Guarantee

Check the warranties and guarantees attached with the lockers and try to cover its cost in the purchase price of the lockers.

Happy employees is a stepping stone to a successful business

Once you have given enough thought to all the above specifications and linked it to the need, size, security level, shape, weight capacity, the material of the locker and so on you can be ready to purchase and install the staff lockers for office. A trial run is suggested so that you are dead sure it doesn’t work in favor of the thieves and maintains the degree of protection.

You will be surprised when you see how it creates a positive and fearless environment within the office premises. Witnessing a secured and well organized office premise shall even encourage your clients to strike a deal with you instantly.

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