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An Overview of the Different Types of Staff Storage Lockers


Storage lockers in an organization can help employees keep their belongings safe and give them a space to store their tools and other things. Read this post to learn about the different types of employee storage lockers.

Employee satisfaction is the cornerstone of any organization and companies do their best to provide the necessary facilities. It is essential to have adequate amenities in the workplace such as storage lockers to facilitate the convenience of workers. Storage lockers can serve as a safe place where workers store their valuables and personal items.

Why are Storage Lockers Important?

Certain companies have strict policies about the use of mobile phones while others may have restrictions about wearing any form of jewellery including wedding rings. Giving their own lockers give the employees an assurance that their personal belongings are safe. This is important because there may be sentimental value to the items and lockers will be the employer’s way of respecting employee's privacy.

What kind of lockers would your employees want?

Different establishments may need different kinds of lockers. The choice of lockers may depend on the following factors

  • Work Environment

The level of exposure to hazards such as fire can determine what lockers suit your organization. Lockers must also be chosen according to the size of the tools or equipment

  • Aesthetics

The look and feel of the lockers can make a huge difference to the appearance of the office space and that can be a requirement in some industries including fashion and retail.

  • Budget

Lockers can be chosen according to the budget constraints whether they are small companies or big enterprises.

  • Amount of Office Space

The area available for locker installation can influence the choice of storage lockers.

Types of Storage lockers

Here are some of the types of storage lockers used by employees of an organization

  • Wire Mesh Lockers

These lockers can provide ventilation which may be required for a workplace where wet clothing need to be stored. The visibility offered by these lockers is ideal for organizations where the equipment and tools stored by the employees need to be easily located.

  • Power Tool Re-charge Lockers

These lockers are an excellent way to make sure that your tools are charged and ready to go while they are stored in a secure place. Equipped with a power socket placed in the rear of the compartment.

Laptops, Apple devices, and Tablets can also be charged in these lockers which are built in compliance with European regulations for health, safety, and environmental protection. The individual charging compartments have a perforated panel in the rear for heat dissipation.

  • Mobile Phone Lockers

Since every employee possesses mobile phones, having a locker where they can keep them safe is important. Both charging and non-charging versions are available with the charging lockers having a 3-pin plug and USB charging facility.

  • Wet Area Lockers

These lockers are the best choice if you want to store items in wet areas, such as gyms, schools, and leisure centers. This is because of their lightweight corrosion-proof material, and their durable structure. These lockers also have additional benefits like their stylish look and their vast storage space.

  • Nested Lockers

These lockers are the perfect way to save money since they are bought as nested units. The installation time of nested lockers is considerably less, and they also have the option of adding accessories such as a sloping top or locker stands which fit the size of the lockers.

  • Overlay Laminate Doors

These lockers have a tough 10mm thick laminated door which can be used in tough work environments. Since these lockers are laminated, they provide the locker with shock resistance, scratch resistance, and it makes them easy to clean. These staff storage lockers are also tested for fire resistance and are available in tiers.

Storage lockers are necessary for organizations because they provide a convenient space for the workers to store their personal items, uniform, safety equipment, and other things. Choose a locker from the wide selection available in the market depending on the requirements of the establishment

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