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Clear View Anti Stock Theft Lockers


Clear View Lockers – Anti-Theft

High visibility and high strength - a powerful combination to prevent stock theft.

The figures are shocking: £872 is stolen on average by staff in each incident and 7% of all retail crime is carried out by employees*. And those are just the figures for the retail industry alone. With tight margins in retail and business, companies simply can’t afford to sustain such levels of losses.

These Clear View Lockers are the answer,  they’re specifically designed to be anti-theft. Available from shelving store, these hi-vis door lockers have a clear door, so the entire contents can be easily viewed at a glance. This deters stock loss and theft as there’s no where to hide and no need for you to open and search the contents – you can see it instantly.

Clear View Lockers protect your business and they protect employees too as they can easily see if anything is missing from their own locker, so it reduces theft from one staff member to another.

Hi-Vis and high strength: these Clear View Lockers are extremely robust and are made from super-strong steel with durable completely clear polycarbonate doors.

For added security and strength, between each compartment is a welded plinth.

Clear View Lockers are available in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 compartments with a choice of 3 depths from 305mm, 380mm and 460mm in Black, Silver-Grey or Smoked White with either a Standard Key Lock with 2 keys, or a Hasp & Staple Lock for you to add a padlock.

To improve tidyness and to stop rubbish from being thrown onto the top, these lockers come with the option of adding sloping tops.