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Slim Line Lockers

Ultra Slim Four Door Locker

Ultra Slim Line Four Doors Locker

RRP : £ 196.18
Price : £ 111.47
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Ultra Slim Two Door Locker

Ultra Slim Line Two Doors Locker

RRP : £ 156.09
Price : £ 88.69
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Slim Line Lockers

If you are really struggling with the space that you have available to install lockers then the ultra slim lockers might be the solution that you are looking for.

Utilising the standard 305mm widex460mm wide locker foot print, the slim line lockers incorporates 2 individual lockers within that width.

With 2 and 4 door models available they are 305mm wide and each compartment is 95mm wide

All compartments include a double coat hook. The full height 2 compartments slim locker also includes a top internal shelf.

Installing the Ultra Slim Lockers means that you can get more lockers in the space you have available


One Compartment locker complete with a top shelf and double coat hook.

Available in nests of 2 and 3 units saving even more money!

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Choose from 7 standard door colours available for all locker sizes

Grey metal locker colour Silver Grey RAL 9006  

Black RAL 9004  

White metal locker colour White RAL 9016

Metal locker Colour Green Green RAL 6018  

Locker Colour Yellow Yellow Similar to RAL 1004  

locker colour blue Blue Similar to RAL 5019

locker colour red Red Similar toBS 04 E53

sloping topOptional sloping tops to prevent casual locker top storage.

Standard included Lock Options of:

Type A Lock 

Type A Locks - Key Locking

(Standard Cam lock with 2 keys supplied per lock)


Type B lock Type B Locks - Hasp & Staple

(suitable for padlocks not supplied)

Master keys for standard cam locks are available as an extra option. 

The total £ value shown, when ordering, in your “lock Type” selection is the total for a lock on each door/compartment of your selected locker. Lock option prices includes a master key for the optional lock types where applicable.