Jun 15

Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Storage Lockers

Are you anxious about the safety of your valuable belongings? Are you looking for the safest place to store them and have complete peace of mind? Then metal storage lockers are the right solution to this problem. A locker is generally a box for storage with compartments with a lock which is used for various storing purposes in different places. Basically, It is an indispensable structure useful in different places such as schools, offices, universities, libraries, home, parks, garage, gym, hospitals, factories, banks, workshops and a lot more. In this day and age, you do not have to hunt for Excellent storage lockers UK, they are available online to conserve your efforts, money, and time.

You can use your metal locker as a frozen cabinet or room for keeping cold foods or an insulated area for tools and gears. Or else in the present-day digital and information technology era they serve as a virtual storage places for files, web pages, and other data. Also, some people use them to store items that require a high level of security for example car log book, jewelry, academic documentation and so on. Just as everything has benefits and shortcomings metal storage cabinets also have. If you have decided to buy a locker in UK, you must not overlook these pluses and drawback.

The pluses of Metal Storage Lockers:

1. Durability: One of the prime advantages to buying a metal storage locker is its durability. By and large, these cabinets are made from steel or similar solid metals which usually last for years. Not only that, if you are having something heavy to store theses metal shelving can take some smashes without breaking.

2. Total Security: Since the material used to build this locker is metal and with high standard key lock, they prove to be the best storage solution. You can choose to have lower hinges, an alarm, digital locks and many such elements that make it a complete security provider.

3. Pest-free: Nothing is more frightening than trying to find you belonging in the locker and just finding a rat staring at you. This many a times happens with various soft cabinets or wooden storage units. It’s not difficult for the pest such as cockroach, rats and bugs to bore into a storage unit on your stuff. This problem happens majorly when you rarely access your storage unit, which gives more time to the pest for entering.

4. Cost-effective: If you are buying a massive metal storage locker in UK with the best and fresh features, even though the cabinet is going to be reasonable in cost. This is for the reason that it doesn’t take too much of work to roll and curve the metal to make a storage shelving or rack, also the metal isn’t an expensive material.

5. Resistances: Lion’s share of people who get a metal storage unit do no need it to be resistant to anything, but these lockers should be made resistant to chemical, harmful material, fire, as well as bacteria. For example, if you have purchased the cabinet for a laboratory or somewhere else where perilous substances are made use of then a metal storage cabinet might perfectly be resilient to it. Do not forget to check the safety label because Cabinets that are resistant to fire and chemicals often need to be specially made, so don’t think that you can use any metal storage cabinet for chemicals.

The drawbacks of Metal Storage Lockers:

1. Limited colors and designs: Very few manufacturer and supplier provides a variety in the make and color of the metal locker. Rest you will find very less manufacturer creating elegant designs and colors who can help you in getting suitable storage unit matching your room furnishings.

2. Easily dented: Although a metal storage cabinet is quite sturdy, that doesn’t mean that the metal cannot get a dent. Steel, in fact, dents very easily with a hard hit. This dents can deteriorate the strength of the cabinet, and make it look awful. Being difficult to repair on your own, these dents may cost a lot to get fixed.

3. Monstrous: If a metal cabinet is used in a small area and it makes echoing sound, then your metal locker might look gargantuan. The metal door and hinges are extremely big when opened. This probably won’t be a problem for places that are big to accommodate these cabinets, but it can be a matter of concern if the place is small enough that by placing the cabinet the passage gets narrower. And for the noise you can always fix it by oiling the doors and hinges.

4. Rusting: Despite the fact that a lot of metal storage cabinet units are coated or galvanized to avoid rusting, there is still a probability that the metal storage cabinet might corrode if the coating vanishes. This might be riskier if the cabinet is placed around water or humidity.


Therefore, a metal storage locker is very good if you are searching for a long-lasting, lightweight cabinet that has many security and utility features and is unaffected by heat and chemicals. They are actually functional and useful to store various stuff of different sizes as shapes.